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1. STEPHEN MARTIN wrote at 27.10.2016 - 6:56am
One day I will visit Ramelton to see where my father was born and grew up to breath the air that he breathed and smell the atmosphere and meet the people. My sister has visited and been to the farm where my father was born and met people that used to work with my farther on the farm. His name was Samuel Martin. Miss my dad.
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2. jacqui wrote at 10.01.2016 - 11:53pm
anybody any idea of the dates for this years festival
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3. Frank McGonigal wrote at 04.12.2015 - 6:47am
David T.White....there was a Presbyterian Church in the old Barracks area in Ramelton..if you GOOGLE "Presbyterian Church Barrack Ramelton" you can get a few postings.
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4. David T. White wrote at 02.08.2015 - 9:28pm
I am looking for my ancestors that came from Co. Donegal. I have information that the children (back in the 1850's) were christened in a Presbyterian church in Barrack Ramelton. I was wondering if your town could be the that place.
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5. bobtodd1951@aol.com wrote at 27.06.2015 - 7:13pm
Hope to come over from North Wales for a holiday in August to visit Sonny and Anna Gallagher of Church street
who have a daughter Mary Ann and a son Martin other relitives are Joe Marie, Jim looking for a BB Guest house for for two weeks Robert Todd (Bobby)
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6. Eimear Dawson wrote at 07.06.2015 - 9:21am
Every day I remember the beautiful town where I spent the first 12 years of my life. I am so pleased to see pictures of environmental improvements.
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7. Dan McElhaugh wrote at 30.05.2015 - 4:26pm
Looking for origin of surname McElhaugh and if any remain in Ireland.
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8. frank mc fadden wrote at 09.03.2015 - 3:25pm
I were sad to hear that mick brannigan has passed away very nice family I worked with mick and his dad ona lorry when I were a boy I am now going 73 we went to different towns selling turf god bless mick and all my sympathy goes to your family rest in peace
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9. Cathal Monaghan wrote at 25.02.2015 - 1:23pm
looking for info on John and Mary McKeown nee Lennon/leonard,
also Patrick James Lennon. thanks
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10. Sue Power wrote at 15.12.2014 - 12:07am
Hi! My grandmother was from Ramelton. Her name was Cecilia Collins and she was the eldest of 8 children. Her father was called Edward Collins and her mother was called Susanna (maiden name Duffy). I am named after her. They lived in Gortaway. Does anybody know whether there are any descendants of the family still living in the area? If so, I'd love to get in touch.
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11. Thomas Goodfellow wrote at 01.12.2014 - 2:42am
Visited a few years back. Interested in Makemie (Ramelton, Ballyheerin), Gamble (High Cairn), Kyle, Buchanan (High Cairn) family history 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
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12. D.Brenda Cooper wrote at 31.10.2014 - 5:07am
My family roots were Lawson and Floyr. I visited Ramelton 10 years ago and I thoroughly loved it. I wish now that I could spend more time seeing the countryside. Wonderful place to visit.
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13. Isobel and Tony wrote at 05.09.2014 - 11:54am
Isobel and Tony have recently bought an apartment here and have spent quite some time in this beautiful Town and would like to thank all the lovely people that have made us feel so welcome. All being well we hope to be back in mid November to spend Christmas and the New Year with Family and Friends to share the "Craic". By the way we are from Adelaide Australia.
cheers Isobel and Tony
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14. Suzette Rogers wrote at 06.08.2014 - 5:17pm
Hello from Texas - I have been trying to locate my Dad's family who sailed to the English colonies between 1730-1750. I learned of your beautiful port and thought I would export you online site. The town look very lovely. Perhaps some day I can travel in your direction. The very best regards from the USA
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15. joe corbett wrote at 06.07.2014 - 10:05pm
thanks for this webpage...Ramelton looks to be a lovely place. Still can't get onto your forum page... keeps telling me webpage down....?

Because of some spam attacks the forum was down. It'll be online shortly again. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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16. michael conlon wrote at 06.02.2014 - 3:52pm
was there 40 years ago always remember how beautifull it was
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17. Sari wrote at 27.11.2013 - 5:21pm
This is a well done website with much useful information. I hope to visit soon, like so many others who wrote here, I have ancestors who came from here (McElhinney and Gamble) and want to investigate my Irish history! After looking at the website, I now want to visit to meet the friendly people and see the beautiful sights in County Donegal and Ramelton! Can't wait!!!
Thank you for the great website, see you in 2015!

Thanks for the really nice comment.
Ramelton is waiting for you!
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18. Maria Luisa Mac Devitt wrote at 22.11.2013 - 2:50am
hola, soy nieta de CHARLES MC DAID quien vino a ARGENTINA a principio del siglo pasado mis saludos a mi familia de RAMELTON y mi agradecimiento por las misas en memoria de mi madre, en el año 2000 tuve oportunidad de estar alli y espero que mis hijos que bailan danzas irlandesas puedan conocer el lugar de donde venimos.
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19. Daniel McGinley wrote at 17.11.2013 - 1:46am
Glad to find my Ancestors James McGinley's home. Hope to come visit someday.
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20. Bernadette Kelly wrote at 06.11.2013 - 5:04am
Hi, went to a few clydebank/ramelton reunions, was wondering how Mary Mooney, Nicky Hanlon and Gary Mooney are doing, would love to go back sometime x
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21. Tara wrote at 19.10.2013 - 7:05pm
While strolling your beautiful town, visiting from Canada, I came across a large stone carving of an Ouroborous (snake eating its own tail) by the river across from Whoriskey's. Does anyone know anything about how old this is and how it came to be there? Thanks, Tara
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22. Frank McGonigal wrote at 14.08.2013 - 10:57pm
Congrats George and Ina on 10 years of great work for Ramelton.net.I'm sure I speak for everyone who is a regular visitor to your website when I say how great it is to visit and see all the latest news,events and coverage of local events.
Regards Frank and Frances McGonigal (nee McGarvey

That’s very very kind of you, Frank & Frances.
Well, we still try to keep ‘da wee town’ on the map and promote it as good as we can. Good to get some reactions.
Thanks again!
Regards to Canada
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23. Robin McConnell wrote at 30.07.2013 - 7:06pm
Doing family research on McConnell and Gallagher relatives. Any information would be welcome
Charles Hay McConnell b1873 d1958 (his father was John McConnell of Mevagh)he married Anne Sarah Gallagher b1878 d1973 of Ballylinn in Ramelton Parish Church in April 1903.Her parents were Robert Gallagher of Ballygreen (maybe Boggreen) and Mary Jane Morrow of Breaghy.
I have little information going back in time
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24. frank mc fadden wrote at 23.07.2013 - 4:38pm
i would like to thank all involved with fez simply great the ramelton people should be very proud to be involved great turn out its always nice for me to come home to see it all as i were born in bridgend and be away since 1956 well done everyone
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25. Frank McGonigal wrote at 07.07.2013 - 5:19am
Does anyone have any info on a Thomas LOGAN a BOATMAN who used to ferry people across the water somewhere in the Ramelton area.He is in the 1901 and 1911 census.
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26. Kristin Morley wrote at 01.07.2013 - 5:47pm
I tried the link to purchase the Illustrated guide to Ramelton, shown on your home page - but received an error that the email address was no longer valid. Any idea how I can find out what the cost would be to purchase and have shipped to Ameria (Denver, CO)? I am planning to come to Ramelton for 2-3 months this fall/winter and would love to read more of its history etc. Any info woud be greatly appreciated!
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27. Maureen Sharpe wrote at 27.06.2013 - 10:58am
Congratulations to Cllr Ian Mc Garvey from Ramelton on being elected Mayor of Donegal. It is our good fortune that our committee member Paddy Bondesio a native of Donegal will be in Donegal from the 11th July 2013 to celebrate The Gathering,she would like to convey a message of congratulations to you personally from the Irish South African Association.

May I thank you and wish you (George & Ina) both well, also for the E - mail with information on Paddy with S. African Association. I would welcome any contact that will give coverage to Donegal and its people for promotion of what we can offer from the small Enterprise to the hospitality no matter where they visit, with some of the most beautiful Beaches, Walking and Cycling Routes, Health promotion Centres, Hotels with the most modern facilities in Ireland. Best Wishes Ian .

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28. Margaret McDevitt wrote at 26.06.2013 - 1:59am
My grandfather James McDaid was born June 1886 in Ramelton. ( Nank Toe) He married Catherine McCafferty in 1917 and my father William James McDevitt was born November 17 1917. Acording to my Father\'s birth certificate James was a sailor. I am ancestory.com and can not find any information on my grandfather as far as who his parents were. He came to the US in 1924 and died in Philadelphia, PA 1956. Planning to come to Ireland next year and would love to find someting about my Grandfather. Any advice would be apprciated. {Link:}Respectfully, Margart{Image:}
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29. Frank McGonigal wrote at 22.06.2013 - 8:58pm
Congrats to my wifes cousin Ian McGarvey and his wife Margery who will be celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary next Saturday.
Frances and I will also be celebrating our 59th on the following Monday..which by coincidence is CANADA DAY here.

Congrats to your 59th wedding anniversary + enjoy CANADA DAY !
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30. Frank McGonigal wrote at 21.05.2013 - 4:15pm
IAN THOMPSON..I replied to your posting on FORUM but you haven't responded.
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31. Eimear Logan Dawson wrote at 15.05.2013 - 11:02pm
I lived on The Mall from my birth in 1938 until August 1950 when my family moved to Mountcharles. My father, James Logan, was a serving member of the Garda and he was born in Athlone. My mother, Kathleen McHugh, had been a teacher in Belfast and she had strong family links in the Carrigart/Cranford area; I just loved Ramelton and not a day of my life goes by without thinking of this beautiful town. I have lived in Hastings, East Sussex for almost 50 years but have been back to visit Ramelton innumerable times. I would have loved to have persuaded my family to move to Ramelton. Mt father died in 1976 and my mother in 1989 and both are buried in Mountcharles. I have visited quite a few countries, but I have never found the equal of Ramelton. You are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful place.

Hi Eimear,
You're absolutely right, Ramelton is really unique. Thank God, most people (including us) know that they are fortunate to live here. Regards George & Ina
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32. Gary Black wrote at 13.04.2013 - 11:47am
My Dad, Seamus Black, passed away on 11 April 13 in Sydney, Australia. He was born in Ramelton on 22 Mar 34. His brother George Black still lives in the original family home. RIP.
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33. Madison Brown wrote at 18.03.2013 - 8:13pm
Coming back with a third granddaughter and great nephew for church Sunday, April 21, where my grandfather Adam Averell Ross, Jr., who was son of the school master Adam Averell Ross. The Visitor Centre will probably be closed, but, if not, we'll drop in. Hope all is going well. Give us a sunny, please. like last time.
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34. Jeff Groves wrote at 04.03.2013 - 3:29am
I am looking for any Groves or descendants still in the area. My family left Ramelton in 1847 and 1848 and settled in western Pennsylvania. Thank you!
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35. Willie Russell wrote at 05.12.2012 - 9:14pm
Would like Maree Gordon from New Zealand to contact me directly as her email address on forum does'nt appear to be correct. I am a direct descendant of the Russell Fameily she is talking about.
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36. Lisa York wrote at 27.11.2012 - 2:44pm
Hello folks,
Are there any "Wilsons" left in Ramelton or possibly any gravestones. The Wilson family left for America in 1851 with a daughter Matilda about 11 years old at the time. If anyone has any info, I would be very grateful! Thank you!
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37. frank mc fadden wrote at 22.07.2012 - 1:14am
hi everyone its getting near that time i thaught i would never reach that is my 70 and yes i have had a good life but there is lots of things in my life that i miss my childhood at school i do remember them times as if it were yesterday all the people at school great days and you know one girl stood out a mile for me rennie stewart red hair there was many nice girls there but rennie was special but i dident tell her years have gone bye but rennie is still in my head so mybe rennie if you read this yes you did have a boy at school that had eyes for you so i do hope your well an still as beautifull as ever i do get home i do and i will b god willing 1 september we mit just run into each other it would b nice to c you am sure you have turned into a very nice lady love frank
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38. Frank McGonigal wrote at 30.06.2012 - 4:06am
I see in the news that my wifes cousin Ian McGarvey and his wife celebrated their 58th wedding Anniversary last Friday..My wife Frances McGarvey is his cousin and we are ALSO celebrating our 58th this Sunday July 1st.

And to Ian and Marjorie too!
Take care
George & Ina
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39. Jacqui wrote at 06.06.2012 - 9:08pm
Hi George & Ina we're coming over from scotland on the 30th June, just in time for the festival,I love seeing the pics every year and this year we might even be in some Could you possibly find out what time the Leprechaun Hunt starts for me please
Now finally! Here are the requested dates. The entire programme will be online shortly. CU then!

Sunday 1st July
3.30 pm Leprechaun Hunt (Leprechaun licence to be bought at Gambles Square)
Sponsored by AJ Lockhart & S Crawford Construction.
Singing Pub: O’Shaughnessy’s
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40. Patricia Poling wrote at 01.06.2012 - 1:10am
I am tracing our family history; my mother's maiden name was Stewart; we believe from Fort Stewart (Alexander, died 1743). Is Fort Stewart still occupied by the Stewart family members?
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41. Ellen Wycislo wrote at 13.05.2012 - 8:36pm
I will be in and around Ramelton this summer. I am a Divers decendent and look forward to seeing the places my grandfather was from. I know it is a long shot but is there still a dwelling place in Ramelton called Tullybeg?
Keep the rain away when we come.

We've always tried to keep the rain away, but it never worked!
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42. Karen wrote at 24.04.2012 - 9:51pm
I just found out my great great grandparents, John Doherty & Mary McCarron were living in Rathmelton when their son Owen was born in 1865. They left shortly after his birth and settled in the US. What book can i read to find out what their life was like before they left rathmelton? Thank you for any help - i am so excited knowing the town name - always knew it was Donegal but this is great.
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43. Robert Doherty wrote at 07.04.2012 - 6:12am
My great great grandfather James Doherty may have lived here in the 1840, 1850's.
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44. noel grier wrote at 09.02.2012 - 12:20am
done a great job on your website.great to see all the old photos and try to remember exactly where they are.best wishes from mayo.

Thanks a lot. We'll do our best.
George & Ina
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45. eamonn o,donnell wrote at 08.01.2012 - 2:19am
happy new year to all my friends in ramelton,from eamonn o,donned ,melbourne,australia
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46. Denise M Willis wrote at 01.01.2012 - 4:29am
Hi visited Ramelton in May this year looking for anything on my Greatgrandfather Patrick Kelly and fell in love with your little town and its people stayed at Lennon Lodge which was great Seamus was wonderful meet some neat locals . So to everyone there Happy New Year and hope to get back there again someday Cheers from Australia
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47. Frank McGonigal wrote at 22.10.2011 - 11:26pm
Hi Maree
I knew someone would help when I sent you to this great website and that wonderful couple George and Ina did just that.
Thanks Ramelton.net..My wife Frances (nee McGarvey) and I would love to visit Ramelton again soon,maybe next year for the Festival,we haven't been back since 2009...All the best to all my wifes cousins and friends and the great people of Ramelton.
Frank and Frances McGonigal
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48. Maree Gordon wrote at 12.10.2011 - 12:53am

Hello from New Zealand

Is there some kind soul please - who could take photographs of our
grandparents graves

Both are buried in the Ramelton Old Graveyard (They were Presbyterians)

Winifred Mary RUSSELL - Death Reg Millford, Jul - Sep 1930, Aged
66yrs - B 1864

William RUSSELL - Death Reg Letterkenny, Jan - Mar 1946 - Aged
80yrs - B 1866

We are no longer able to travel back to Donegal as our age has
determined that.....

Would you kindly contact me please.....??

Kind regards from

Maree S Gordon 12 Konini Place Matamata Waikato NZ

tappets@clear.net.nz / SKYPE matamatamaree

We already sent you some photos. Enjoy!
George & Ina
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49. Maree Gordon wrote at 07.10.2011 - 2:23am
Hello from New Zealand......

Can you assist us here please.....??

Looking for our RUSSELL family that bought and owned Ballyarr / Ballyare House and Mill in 1900

It is about 5 / 6 miles from Letterkenny.....

We are particularly keen to know of the final resting place for William Russell and Winifred his wife....

There are descendants here in New Zealand of

**Russell, Annie - Presbyterian - B 1890 (Died N.Z)

**Russell, Annie married William / George BLAIR

After coming to NZ - **Russell, Annie wrote many times to her youngest sister Sadie RUSSELL - who remained in Ireland

who would like to know of others belonging to this RUSSELL family please...

Kind regards from ,
Maree S Gordon Matamata Waikato
tappets@clear.net.nz / SKYPE matamatamaree, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi Maree,
sorry, but we can’t help you in this matter.
Please use the Ramelton-Forum (see link below) to get help from other users
( http://ramelton.myfreeforum.org/index.php?sid=fad938ceacd6b3bee488903832856243 )
or try info@donegalancestry.com . They might help you too.
Thanks , good luck and greetings to NZ!
George & Ina
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50. pete mccoy wrote at 15.09.2011 - 12:01pm
Great wee town altogether,adda ba jeysus
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51. annmarie mcgrory wrote at 26.08.2011 - 8:41pm
hi my mum comes from ramelton and some of her family are still there my uncle thomas kane and my uncle seamus who passed away i used to come over every summer and sept weekend when my uncle seamus had bridge bar then moved to other ive not been since i was in my teens and can see the differences in the place looks great hope to get over asap great town gret folks go and see for urself
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52. sandra stinson yemm wrote at 25.08.2011 - 2:01am
I'd like to hear from relatives in Co. Donegal. My great-great-grandparents David Gallagher (Gallaher) b.1820 and Eliza Davison, b. 1831 lived in Ramelton, Ardnaree, Co. Donegal. Their daughter Jane Gallagher (Gallaher) b. 1852 married William Cheatley b. 1847 who lived in Dromore. Their daughter (one of thirteen) Eliza "Lizzie" Davidson Cheatley b. 1885 was my grandmother who married Anthony Stinson from Balintra. They emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada separately and married in 1914.
Any info would be welcomed.
Homepage: not entered   Email: syemm[AT]sympatico.ca

53. Bridie wrote at 02.08.2011 - 3:02pm
hello Looking to relocate to Ramelton soon we are a mature family three adults and one old very well behaved border collie never been destructive.

We are looking to rent a well maintained property Bungalow if possible two Bedrooms at least and at least one ensuite with another shower if possible we have most of our own furniture My Mothers Dad was from Dungloe we like the look of Ramelton we currently live in the west of Ireland have done for five years but feel like a change so if anyone knows a suitable property with a small garden please e mail we are visiting the beginning of oct best wishes slan b
Homepage: not entered   Email: bridie1957[AT]yahoo.co.uk

54. Gerardine Campbell wrote at 21.07.2011 - 10:02pm

Gerry McGarvey from Clydebank, Scotland, Granda McGarvey burried in Killydonal abbey outstide Ramelton. Never found his grave but lovely site
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55. Esther McConnell wrote at 19.07.2011 - 12:51am
Hi Fiona, We are McConnells, living in Ballyboe in Milford. I have asked my husband and he says that they are buried in Ramelton as there was no grave yard in Milford then. My husband his George his father is Thomas and his father was George and his father was Thomas so hope that is some help to you. Esther.
Homepage: not entered   Email: egl25[AT]eircom.net

56. Fiona Maclean (nee McConnell) wrote at 06.07.2011 - 8:48pm
Hi I am researching the places my father's side of the family came from. Is there anyone in Ramelton can help me? My maiden name was McConnell and my great great grandfather was Robert McConnell who married Jane Beattie in 1830 in Ireland. They had a son called Thomas McConnell born in 1853 in Ireland. My great-great grandfather on the maternal side was John Tees born 1832 in Ireland who emigrated from Ireland to Scotland in 1862. He married Mary Crawford born in 1833.
Homepage: not entered   Email: fionafmaclean[AT]btinternet.com

57. Christopher Robert O'Connor wrote at 13.05.2011 - 5:45pm
Hi, My name is Chris O'Connor, my great great grandfather Dominik O'Connor migrated to the united states in the Late 1800's to Ivesdale Illinois(Champaign County) I have been trying to reconnect with my roots,and if there are any other O'Connors from ramelton that see this i would love an email. nomplkj@yahoo.com

Homepage: Available, please click   Email: nomplkj[AT]yahoo.com

58. brian seward wrote at 28.03.2011 - 9:44pm
Forgot to mention We have a family of 5- 4 adults and one child coming over from Dungannon in NI for a three week holiday they are McCluskies and from my son.in.laws family.
Homepage: not entered   Email: captlbs[AT]shaw.ca

59. Brian Seward wrote at 28.03.2011 - 9:35pm
Greetings from Western Canada Looks like s neat little town with a lot of history, I am sad to see the answer rate on the Forum is so low.
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60. Frank McGonigal wrote at 25.03.2011 - 10:14pm
Hi Margaret
Great memories and so well written.
I can tell that you're just itching to get back to Ramelton and see the old places and see your relatives again.Let me know when and I`ll try and bring your cousin Frances McGarvey back at the same time.
Yes..you have to return !
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

61. Margaret P. McGarvey wrote at 20.03.2011 - 7:47pm
it's storming and hailing here in Illinois and I'm watching an old movie Dancing at Lughnasa is a 1990 play by dramatist Brian Friel set in Ireland's County Donegal in August 1936 in the fictional town of Ballybeg. Billybegs and Letterkenny have been mentioned. So I had to write and share the thoughts and feelings that crept to the surface and teared my eyes. It's been a while I have such wonderful memories of times with my Granny, and my Granddad when I saw them cutting peat.. we used to take the jaunting cart with Sheila the donkey to the peat bogs to cut peat; we saw wild strawberries, fuschia bushes, honeysuckle, flag irises.. Granny's cooking; amazing meals, fresh salmon, her homemade breads, breakfast duck eggs, fresh bread and butter with lots of bowls of tay .. strong enought to trot mice on .. and honey from the hives in the flower garden.. walking to the store for raspberry split ice cream wafers,, eating hard tack biscuits from WW1 with Uncle Jimmy reading us Shakespeare and James Joyce... Andrea and I were lucky children; so spoilt by adoring uncles and family.. school was different, (strict) learning gaelic and hiding my chewed nails from the teacher.. swift justice with a rap across the knuckles .. I adored my father, Andrew and am so proud of my Irish heritage. A call back to my family charges my battery and keeps my Dad alive for me. I have to return.. Morior invictus.
dia Beannacht leat
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62. Jackie Loney wrote at 31.01.2011 - 10:20pm
Hi, just posting this message because my mum Kathryn buchanan used to tell me stories of when she was a girl and stayed at rathmelton. Any more info or people who knew her would be great
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63. Robert A. Roulston wrote at 24.12.2010 - 6:05pm
just wanted to say to everyone merry christmas .. if you know anyone out there thatz related to Samuel d. Roulston that went to the U.S.A. in 1912 please write back im lookin for any info. thanx and merry christmas to all
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64. Joe toland wrote at 23.12.2010 - 2:16pm
Just writing to wish everyone in ramelton a very merry christmass and happy new year especialy the toland and Cullen familey hope use all have a good one from oz:)
and a Happy Christmas to you too!
By the way, NOBODY wanted to know that there are 30 degrees down under (from Facebook).
Anyway, enjoy!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: Joe88toland2008[AT]yahoo.com

65. Wm (Bill) A. Akers wrote at 03.12.2010 - 3:22pm
Hello to my ancestrial home. Greetings from
near Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.
I purport to be a 4th great grandson of James
Buchanan, senior emigratin' in 1783 from Ramelton. I am interested in learning what I can but as interested in touching base with my
kindred still there. In my line we kept the Buchanan name active about 400 years. Drop me
an email! Also I have been a diving instructor
NAUI#4493 and marine biologist/commercial fisherman like to hear from same as Ramelton looks interesting! Email me at waatemp@gmail.com
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: waatemp[AT]gmail.com

66. Joe Duffy wrote at 26.10.2010 - 9:12pm
Hi Yvonne, how are you getting on? It was great to see you. Thanks for your great wishes and keep in touch, best wishes..
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67. yvonne (Bryant) cain wrote at 17.10.2010 - 8:27pm
I was home from Canada for the festival this past summer and had a great time. It was so nice to see everyone and be made feel so welcome. I must say Wow! the town has never looked so good. A special hello to my friend Joe Duffy and congrats on your recent award.
Homepage: not entered   Email: ycain42[AT]hotmail.com

68. Susan (McGeevor) Gourlay wrote at 21.09.2010 - 12:44am
Hi Everyone,
What a brilliant website , It's lovely to go down memory lane! My granny and pop lived in Bank Terrace for a good many years with my great uncle William, it's lovely to see the place again ,If anyone remembers the McGeevers it woud be great to get in touch , I remember when we were all kids n helping Mrs Whorisky on the farm, I never did get to bring a duckling home with me!! Altho we did get lots of duck eggs, and an ice cream n bottle of lucozade when we went to the shop as a reward for all our hard work, was a fabulous way to spend our childhood holidays , that and eating the gooseberrys in grans garden before they were ripe( lots of sore tummies !) I remember the tennis courts and long walks but most of all all the lovely people who made us all feel more than welcome , Hugo Whorisky , the Norries and Gallachers all spring to mind, after my gran passed away my pop and uncle william stayed on in the house for a good few years then moved to Kerry Keel to live wth my aunt Mary and uncle Hughie coll. A few of my cousins still stay in Kerry Keel and Gortnatraw.
So if anyone remembers those 4 wee girls and 2 boys who used to come over every summer and some christmas's please feel free to get in touch , would be great to hear from you .
Keep up the good work and God Bless , love Susan xx
Homepage: not entered   Email: susan.mcgeevor62[AT]hotmail.co.uk

69. Morag wrote at 17.09.2010 - 8:46pm
Just found your guestbook. My mother's family were the Gallachers, my grandfather was a brother to Patsy, and my great aunt married to John Divers. I visited a few years ago, but didn't have much time to spend in the lovely town. Had been to Rathmullen to see where my great grandparents retired to. Hope to come back and spend a lot of time getting to know Ramelton and it's people. The Site is really good and informative. Would love to hear from anyone who has information on my relatives. Keep up the great work.
Homepage: not entered   Email: moragbannigan[AT]btopenworld.com

70. Patricia Giles wrote at 08.09.2010 - 7:28pm
I have visited Ramelton on many occasions as I fell in love with the town on my first visit to Buncrana approximately 5 years ago. I got the ferry over Lough Swilly and stumbled across Ramelton, I come back to visit every year, love Mc Faddens Shop. I was just visiting today 08.09.10 but unfortunately the shop was shut, will be back next year Please God. Heading back to Dublin in the morning from Inishowen Gateway Hotel. Take care everyone.

Hi Patricia,

sorry for that, but...(for the next time)
McFaddens is always closed on Wednesdays

Take care
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: patriciagiles1[AT]yahoo.ie

71. Terry McCafferty wrote at 29.08.2010 - 5:42am
I have really enjoyed being part of the festival over the last 10 or so years, I have always been treated well and really look forward to taking part every year. This year was really hard for me following the tragic loss of John and Sean, such lovely people, still cant believe they are gone, may they rest in peace, still think of Johns quiet way he had about him, always a wee smile no matter how hectic things were, one of lifes true gentlemen, always in my thoughts and prayers.

Well, there are certainly a lot of people thinking like you.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: mccafferty858[AT]btinternet.com

72. Lee wrote at 05.08.2010 - 8:45am
Am looking forward to coming over to do some dancing about Feb time, other members of the side have been before and have raved about how nice it is.
Homepage: not entered   Email: lee.bowen[AT]virginmedia.co.uk

73. Richard Waring &Mary Hall wrote at 27.07.2010 - 1:27pm
Hello to all are friends in Ramelton, Glad to see the planning for the Aerial Mast has been kicked out! (maybe it would be a good idea to also Kick out the Planners) This would have been the "thin" edge of the wedge!I hope all simular Developments are Met with the same resistance and Effort which the Local people put into the Protest.We visit as much as possible just because We love Ramelton, not just because of Family contacts But because everyone made us feel at home from the fist time we visited Ramelton,My fear was that Ramelton would loose its Village feeling,and may be some local folk have seen this happen! I have also seen the same thing happen years ago (not only in the UK) but in on the costa blanca where Lovely Villages were Ruined.Places like Lanzarote have had more control on Planning ect,The problem is of course that young folk (Lads< Lassies)may not want to move out of the area,away from the family ect,this is the problem in most countrys. Maybe the slow down in the economy (and dead stop in some cases) will provide a breathing space for sensible future Planning.Thanks once again to everyone who joined the Fight to Stop the Stupid Mast. Hoping we may be in Ramelton on a More Perminant Basis in the near future, Best wishes to all the Aiken Children, and all at the O DONNELLS ARMS (ABU) They loved your cd in aid of Donegal Hospice,When I took it over to Lanzarote, All the best to Ramelton Richard & Mary.
Well, it was a long journey but thankfully, it was worth it. The improvement in the town shows how significant it was to avoid this 23m monster. Every other place is better than here.
Thanks again for your nice comment and take care!
Homepage: not entered   Email: waringwa1[AT]btinternet.com

74. frances campbell-nardone wrote at 19.07.2010 - 5:33am
what a beutiful place, hope to see it soon.
Would like to find information about the campbells
Homepage: not entered   Email: nardonefran[AT]yahoo.com

75. Andy Taggart wrote at 13.07.2010 - 11:42pm
Great images. Reminded me of my childhood. Spent most of my 4 year old- 15 year old summer holidays at my Gran + Grand-Dads in the Old Manse in Ramelton Spent lots and lots of terrific holidays with all my Aunts and Uncles.
Homepage: not entered   Email: andytaggart[AT]btinternet.com

76. yvonne Bryant wrote at 25.06.2010 - 12:14am
Coming home to Ramelton for a visit and looking forward to the festival and seeing everyone. Hello to patsy and Dickie
Homepage: not entered   Email: ycain42[AT]hotmail.com

77. William Gallacher wrote at 24.06.2010 - 8:40pm
Many thanks to the people of Ramelton especially Mr & Mrs D Cullen, John Jo, Pat Williams, Sonny Gallacher, Jim and our distant relative leo McDermitt. My Brother Patrick and I visited our Grandfathers (Patsy Gallacher) memorial and Ramelton memorial park, we had a great experience and we will return next year. thanking you all for what you have done to remember Patsy in his birthplace.
Homepage: not entered   Email: bill.gallacher[AT]gtg.co.uk

78. Frank McGonigal wrote at 10.06.2010 - 10:30pm
Hello Ramelton
My wifes sister Jean Norry,nee McGarvey,at Bridgend ,is celebrating her 80th birthday on the 14th of June..her sisters and relatives from Scotland and England are going to be there to help her celebrate.Wish we could be there as well.
Have a Happy Birthday Jean and hope that you have many many more.
Frank and Frances McGonigal
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

79. Marcus Wessels wrote at 21.05.2010 - 12:33am
Compliment for this nice and beautifull homepage. Donegal is the most beautiful part of Ireland. Many greetings from Germany. My wife lived one year in Ireland. I met her the first time in Ireland. I met many nice and friendly people and i will never vorget the holydays in Ireland.
Sorry for my bad english.

Marcus Weßels
Homepage: not entered   Email: MarcusWessels[AT]gmx.de

80. Mary wrote at 11.05.2010 - 3:52pm
The tidy towns committee are organsing a spring clean up we are meeting Friday 14th May 2010 7pm on Gambles Square. Come along and help.
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81. susan matte-farina wrote at 02.05.2010 - 7:03pm
We will be traveling in this area about May 24th by car. My great great granparents lived here.They were Mary McConnell and John Buchanan. Any information helpful. I believe he operated a dry goods store. Thanks.
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: jrfarina[AT]aol.com

82. Robert Doherty wrote at 24.04.2010 - 4:37pm
very nice, we will come over some time in the future.
Homepage: not entered   Email: rdbluenote[AT]verizon.net

83. Aisling McDevitt wrote at 04.04.2010 - 10:35pm
I am trying to catch up with an old friend John Hunter (Towser) but have lost contact details. I believe his sister Lisa and her daughter Megan may live in Ramelton. Can you help?

Many thanks,
Homepage: not entered   Email: aislingmcdevitt[AT]gmail.com

84. paul kelly wrote at 23.03.2010 - 11:28pm
hi to ramelton from worthing west sussex
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: paulkelly67[AT]googlemail.com

85. Dolores wrote at 17.03.2010 - 9:29pm
I am looking for the email address of an old friend, Rhona Duffy Patterson, who might live in Ramelton. If you have a contact, please let me know. Thanks.
Cape Town
Homepage: not entered   Email: doloresdonovan[AT]gmail.com

86. Vickie Tuohy wrote at 15.02.2010 - 1:19am
Our family spent a week in your village about 8 years ago. We had a wonderful time watching the rain over Lough Swilly, getting dinner from the Spar, and being warmed by a pint and hot fire in Conway's. We discovered lots that was not in any guide book. Thanks for sharing your blessings with a family from Wuakomis, Oklahoma. It is a long way from our simple home on the prairie but we visit often in our memories. We plan to return some day.

Hi Vickie,
many thanks for your nice words about the town. Everything is still there (even the rain) and is waiting to be discovered again by you.
Regards to Oklahoma
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: sandv.tuohy[AT]dishmail.com

87. SUE McCONNELL wrote at 06.02.2010 - 12:16am
Hi George & Ina, I'm reasearching the family history & just put in Ramelton as it is where my McConnell's lived on Little Bridge & Back Lane from 1901 onwards, could you tell me are the places still there as i am coming over to Letterkenny & Ramelton in the summer & would love to visit the places they lived, & do you know if there are any McConnell's still living in Ramelton? Fantastic site going to read the rest of it now.& your in my favorites can get back to you quicker.Thanks Sue

Hi Sue,
Little Bridge and Back Lane are still there, probably not how it was in 1901. Don't know about McConnell's in the town but there are some in the surrounding towns like Milford or Kilmacrennan. Thanks for the compliments about the website anyway.
Enjoy your time in Ramelton
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: goldenincasue[AT]yahoo.co.uk

88. GINGER PONTLITZ wrote at 21.01.2010 - 5:04pm

Please try The RAMELTON FORUM!
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: GPONTLITZG[AT]AOL.COM

89. Pegi Nelson wrote at 30.12.2009 - 11:42pm
Hello, spent 4 days in Ramelton a couple of years ago and loved it. I am now owndering if someone could help me, I need the e address for the ancestry center/Quay and the address for the Presbyterian church and their e address if there is one. Thank-you much Pegi Nelson
Hope you've got our email.
George & Ina
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: pegisist[AT]earthlink.net

90. Joe Duffy wrote at 30.12.2009 - 8:33pm
Hello Yvonne, How are you. Thanks for your we note. I just wanted to wish you all the best and a very Happy New Year for 2010. From Patsy & Dickie..

Hi Yvonne, Patsy and Dickie,
glad to see you finally found each other!
Have a good one!
George & Ina
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91. John Stirrat wrote at 27.12.2009 - 2:36am
trying to find ancestors of William Stirrat
born in Ramelton circa 1786.

Please try The RAMELTON FORUM!
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: stirrat.j[AT]bigpond.com.au

92. Julie Jordan - Abel wrote at 20.12.2009 - 1:17am
The Jordan family would like to extend their thanks for the kindness and generosity shown during the Coffee Morning held recently in memory of their dear wife and mother Esther Jordan, Ramelton. The amount donated to the Donegal Hospice was €3321.74 for which we are so grateful. Esther was an extremely popular member of the community and further afield and the amount raised is a huge testament to her. Thank you everyone xxx
Homepage: not entered   Email: julie_jordan63[AT]hotmail.com

93. johnwhoriskey wrote at 19.12.2009 - 3:24pm
Hello Cissie Maimie,
I have just found guest book by default and it makes interesting reading lots of photo's names of people past and present.Best wishes to all HAPPY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Homepage: not entered   Email: johnwhoriskey[AT]ntl.com

94. disappointed wrote at 15.12.2009 - 4:05pm
I was reading the gospel according to ramelton below and who ever you are I agree. Sure you could say the same thing about where the hotel, Mary mills shop and sally Hunters. it terrible to see how things have been let go. Ramelton is such a nice town full of good people and has great community spirit it has so much to offer. make it beautiful again people and speak out

We normally don't accept entries without name or email address, but in your case... you're absolutely right!
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95. yvonne (Bryant) Cain wrote at 13.12.2009 - 4:02pm
A very special hello to Patsy Boyce & Dickey Duffy as promised. Merry christmas to you and your families. Best wishes for the coming year.
from Yvonne Bryant
Homepage: not entered   Email: ycain42[AT]hotmail.com

96. Claudia wrote at 10.12.2009 - 5:30pm
Hi all !
I`m Claudia from Germany.
I was in Ramelton for the second time. And I enjoy my stay so much ! I hope I`ll be back soon, in a few months.
I´m looking for new friends here. Maybe somebody would like to write me ?

Homepage: not entered   Email: claudia.pieras[AT]freenet.de

97. t.hughes1@ntlworld.com wrote at 02.12.2009 - 10:18pm
Hi, I'm Tommy Hughes, my family moved to Ramelton in 1940 from Derry, we lived next door to the Stewart Armms Hotel as it was at that time,I was 13 then and we lived there for a few years before moving to Letterkenny, my father was a telephone engineer based there,those years of my life are the period which I remember most fondly! Anyone left 'young' enough to remember me?
Homepage: not entered   Email: t.hughes1[AT]ntlworld.com

98. The gospel according to ramelton wrote at 24.11.2009 - 4:58pm
ARE KELLYS GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO LET THE BUILDINGS TO JUST CRUMBLE AWAY!! I THINK THATS ITS JUST A DISCRASE. COUNCIL SHOULD TAKE IT OFF THEM. There bound to have come legal requirement that they must maintain it in a reasonable state or have to forefit the building to the state. In turn the building could be rebuilt as part of a job incentive scheme for the and by the people of Ramelton, because Ramelton has the labour force here to do the work.
All that is happening now in Ramelton is that we're nuturing a whole generation of people who have lost their way and there's no light ahead of them. Thousands beside them in the que. Everyone cannot go to Australia!!!!! I heard overheard someone saying in the pub to his mate one night "it gets easier the longer that your on it" Guess what there talking about!! Well that should not be the out look for our generation, But we have been shafted by the by the system and thats all to it !!! The same aul Irish attitude: "Ach sur it will be allright" is wearing very thin and soon there is going to be a revolt and it can only be for the better.
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99. Freddy wrote at 24.11.2009 - 4:28pm
Hi sir canny wait till kifas time. Go mad in that wee town
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100. Mick MacNamara wrote at 17.11.2009 - 7:22pm
It's a pity that the town couldn't have one name or either Ramelton, Rathmelton or Rath Mealtáin. Do you know that most road atlases have it as Rathmelton and there is no Ramelton in the index. It's all very confusing.

Has this arisen as a problem? When I looked it up prior to a visit, nothing showed up.

Hi Mick,

sorry, where is your problem??? You already found it.
Homepage: not entered   Email: mickmacnamara[AT]yahoo.com

101. Pauline Wasserman wrote at 07.11.2009 - 6:13pm
I am delighted to glimpse your town. My great,great, grandfather, James McKnight, later of Salt Lake City, Utah was born here in 1828 (perhaps 1825 or 1829). The story is that his parents were visiting relatives here at the time. His father John McKnight was from Milford and his mother was from Washington,DC. I'd love to hear anything anybody might know about the family. And would love to visit some day!
Homepage: not entered   Email: pauline_wasserman[AT]brown.edu

102. David McGarvey wrote at 04.10.2009 - 11:53pm
Happy birthday Kevin Mills. Must be thirty five years. Good luck
Homepage: not entered   Email: davidmacg[AT]live.co.uk

103. John Divers wrote at 21.09.2009 - 5:51pm
{BI would like to know which John Divers you are related to. My family settled in Glasgow from Ireland then moved to Dundee. Look forward to your reply.}
Homepage: not entered   Email: john[AT]johndivers.wanadoo.co.uk

104. MARY AND RICHARD wrote at 15.09.2009 - 1:17pm
All the Best to Fr Sweeney on his retirement, Hope you all had a great time with the celerbrations, I will have missed them as i only arrive in Ramelton later this week, Always look forward to visiting (Love the place to bits). Traveling solo but Mary and myself are returning for a wedding in oct/nov, cant wait,Will be staying for good one of these days Richard Waring Mary Hall STHelens Lancshire uk
Homepage: not entered   Email: waringwa1[AT]btinternet .com

105. Robert Doherty wrote at 13.09.2009 - 3:52am
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106. angela wrote at 30.08.2009 - 9:35pm
well done to the town band i was there in tullamore with them and it was an unbeliveable performance..its something realy special to see young children drop to there knees and cry with joy..all because they did there town proud, keep up the hard work so proud of you all..xx
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107. Gary wrote at 25.08.2009 - 11:29pm
Congratulations to the town band. Best in Ireland yet again. how many times is that now, ive lost count.Lol. well done guys and keep it going. Karin and Bernd pictures look great as well.Thanks for putting them up.


You're absolutely right! The photos of Karin & Bernd are really worth it to be shown
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108. Frank McGonigal wrote at 26.07.2009 - 1:07am
Hi Everyone
My wife Frances (nee McGarvey)and I,and our son John and wife Bridget just spent a great two weeks in Ramelton and surrounding areas.
Enjoyed the Festival and pubs..it's the first time our son has visited his mums birth town.
He really enjoyed a couple of nights in the pubs with the singing etc.It was all new to him and he intends to go back again soon.
Our thanks to Eugene and Jean Norry (my wifes sister) for letting us stay with them.
My wife had a reunion with all her sisters, two came over from Scotland and England.
Had a chat with George and Ina who host this great web site.
Thanks Ramelton for a great time.
Frank and Frances McGonigal Brampton Ont Canada.

Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

109. Eileen Glackin wrote at 24.07.2009 - 2:40pm
Hi Anthony - I'm presuming you are Peadar's brother? If so, hello back from the McDaid girls. Thanks to this website,you can be anywhere in the world and still keep in touch with Ramelton.However us McDaid girls aren't in any exotic locations - not unless you count Dublin and Gartan!
Homepage: not entered   Email: glackin[AT]gofree.indigo.ie

110. Anthony McGee wrote at 19.07.2009 - 8:31pm
Hi to all in Ramelton and congrtulations to Claire and Johnny Gardner on their wedding last week.
We had a great time as always. The Festival and as usual, gallons of McDaid's Banana! I practically lived on the stuff during the school holidays.
And a big Hi to the McDaid girls, wherever you are.
From wet and windy Rutherglen in Scotland.
Homepage: not entered   Email: anthony.mcgee2[AT]ntlworld.com

111. Catherine & Cowan Duff wrote at 12.07.2009 - 11:09pm
coming home on Saturday 18th - can't wait to see my friends and relatives again. We are keen to meet up with them all so make sure you're up for some get togethers. Love Catherine and Cowan Duff
Homepage: not entered   Email: katyduff[AT]hotmail.co.uk

112. Rob McGinley wrote at 14.06.2009 - 1:15pm
Hi would anyone be as so kind as to email a map so I can find Carrygalt when we visit the McGinley homelands this summer....

thank you
Homepage: not entered   Email: rob.mcginley[AT]btinternet.com

113. Michelle Myers wrote at 02.06.2009 - 1:15am
Hi Ramelton!

Missing all of you and back home safely here in San Jose, California...Thank you for the fabulous welcome and for sharing some time with a crazy American!

Homepage: not entered   Email: michelle5myers[AT]hotmail.com

114. Dorothy [Dill) Wright wrote at 16.05.2009 - 3:12am

Hi to all our friends in Ramelton.
Thanks to Ina & George for making this site possible,it's super !!!!
We have my brother- in-law Eddie& his grand son Dean with us for a few weeks,and Dean found your web page for me.
So have a great year,and happy B&B,I had one for 12 years.
Best Wishes Dorothy.

Hi to all our friends in Ramelton!!!!

Hi Dorothy,
many thanks for your compliments and your wishes.
We might need them this year.
Thanks again and take care
George & Ina
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: Dunangal[AT]gmail.com

115. Kathleen Kane wrote at 21.04.2009 - 3:25am
Absolutely beautiful place with absolutely beautiful people.

You're absolutely right!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: katykane54[AT]gmail.com

116. Roisin wrote at 03.04.2009 - 11:01pm
When is the festivla in ramelton.. im hoping to come over for it this year..

You'll find the dates, as always, on the website!
Homepage: not entered   Email: roisincoyle_2004[AT]hotmail.com

117. Anamaria McCullough wrote at 03.04.2009 - 11:19am
Hi Ramelton,
Lovely weather hopefully it will last the weekend.Happy Birthday to Nelly Friel who turned 76 on Wednesday.Happy Easter Ramelton!!!!!
Ps:Can hardly wait for to eat some good ice cream!!!!!

Happy Birthday & Happy Easter!
Homepage: not entered   Email: mrsamymccullough[AT]yahoo.co.uk

118. Sinead wrote at 29.03.2009 - 8:19pm
B}Hey Everyone. :)
I Go To Ramelton Every Easter and I Love It.Does Anyone Know If Theres A Funfair Like The "Cullens Funfair" last Easter (in 2008). If Your Looking For Things To Do CLIMB MOUNT ERIGAL, Unreal, but bring water and good tough boots. Also, the leisure centre in Letterkenny is brilliant!http://www.auraleisurecentres.ie/
So if your "thinking" about going to donegal, stop thinking and just GO!

Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

119. Frank McGonigal wrote at 23.03.2009 - 10:24pm
Hi George and Ina
Finally got everything arranged for our trip.
We fly into Shannon July 7th via Dublin,hired a car and will be heading up to Ramelton in time for the Festival opening on the 10th.
We'll be making a few stops along the way up to Ramelton to see some of the interesting sights.
Looking forward to seeing you all again,son John and his wife Bridget will be with us and he's looking forward to meeting his aunt Jean Norry and family,also his McGarvey cousins etc.,and all the fine people of Ramelton. Unfortunately we will not see cousin Norman McGarvey who died recently,
We fly back to Canada July 21st.
Till then !
Frank and Frances McGonigal Brampton Ont.Canada
Hi Frank & Frances,

that's good news.
Looking forward to see you all at the festival which certainly will be as good as the last one (or even better?!).
We are pretty sure John will enjoy the driving on Irish roads and should be used to it when you arrive
Co. Donegal.
Take care
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: Frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

120. John Brendan Fitzgerald wrote at 12.03.2009 - 7:12pm
Greetings from Cheshire, Connecticut, USA. My grandfather, Bernard Aloysius McBride, was born in Woodquarter/Cranford in 1899 and my extended family is from and still is located in the Ramelton area. I enjoyed reading the history of the town as well as viewing the old pictures. Nice work and I'm sure I'll be back often to look for updates.
Homepage: not entered   Email: johnbfitzgerald[AT]cox.net

121. Roisin Duigan wrote at 05.03.2009 - 4:27pm
This For Noreen You can get the old School Reunion Books In MC fADDENS AT THE TILL IN RAMELTON
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122. triena f duffy wrote at 28.02.2009 - 11:43am
great guest book. my father was born and grew up in the bough road ramelton, john duffy. im looking for living relatives, especially a mr john newell jr/sr, thank you and i hope to see you all in ramelton soon.
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: c1gobby[AT]yahoo.com

123. Margaret wrote at 28.02.2009 - 9:40am
Could you put up pictures of this years panto as i'd love to see them???
Here we are! Please click on:


George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

124. alan reid wrote at 20.02.2009 - 2:21am
my moms uncle was Patsy Gallagher, and my uncle was John Divers, so it is great to view a wonderful site. Hope next year to be there in person
Homepage: not entered   Email: rampant[AT]sympatico.ca

125. Roisin wrote at 19.02.2009 - 4:31pm
hey every 1 hope ya enjoy the panto its class lol ssl
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126. noreen sweeney wrote at 08.02.2009 - 9:49pm
hi everyone, i am looking for a few copies of the st marys old school reunion book, my gran is a young girl in it, Annie Carr. if anyone can let me know how to get them i would be very greatful.thank you. noreen
Homepage: not entered   Email: noreen1976sweeney[AT]hotmail.co.uk

127. familyfriends and youth wrote at 05.02.2009 - 10:42am
i think iam early but i would like congrat mary and joe duffy for there ruby anniversery!!!! from all your family and friends!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: familyfriendsyouth[AT]hotmail.com

128. mary wrote at 22.01.2009 - 3:45am
Hi! Could anyone please tell us of the history of the converted apartments on the shore road in Ramelton? thanks! Mary
Homepage: not entered   Email: marymarysongwriter[AT]live.co.uk

129. emer mc laughlin wrote at 19.01.2009 - 9:18pm

Homepage: not entered   Email: emerstar[AT]hotmail.com

130. Wilson Callan wrote at 10.01.2009 - 12:47am
Hi! great website, and it will help me plan our visit to Ramelton this year. I'm coming from the US to look at where my grandfather was born. We have no contact with Irish relatives and would love to find some. Check the forum on this site if you have any Callan, McGroary, McGroarty, McAdams, McAdam information. Thanks!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: griscruf at comcast dot net

131. patricia markey wrote at 31.12.2008 - 1:52am
happy new year 2009 from australia to the home of my greatgrandparents william and martha (gallagher )sweeney . i loved seeing where they lived in 1859 before they came to australia,when i visted in 2005

Homepage: not entered   Email: robyn[AT]bitbybyte.com.au

132. Barry Sweeney wrote at 24.12.2008 - 11:53pm
Hello Folks

Just want to wish you all a very Happy and Holy Christmas and best wishes for next year!

Ann, Barry and family

Homepage: not entered   Email: bjsweeney45[AT]yahoo.co.uk

133. Maureen Gibbons wrote at 24.12.2008 - 6:05am
Greetings Ramelton I love your town. My Great Grandfather Samuel Diver/Dever was b. Mar 1867 in Ramelton. His wife Mary Welch/Walsh came from Letterkenny. Samuel's father was Samuel Diver/Dever married to Susan Brown.
Susan was so we were told the daughter of a Protestant Minister. Susan died in childbirth in 1867. Would love to connect to anyone Knowing my family. Thank you so much.
Best wishes, Maureen Gibbons
Homepage: not entered   Email: maureen.gibbons[AT]ymail.com

134. Eamonn O'Donnell wrote at 21.12.2008 - 12:55am
Hi I would like to wish everyone in Ramelton a very Happy Christmas and New Year. I would also like to say a big hello to Hugo and Mary Ellen Whoriskey and I hope to see yous all next year.
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135. AMOOK wrote at 20.12.2008 - 4:19pm
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136. Roisin Duignan wrote at 20.12.2008 - 4:16pm
Happy Christmas Everyone!
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137. Lee Harper wrote at 14.12.2008 - 11:12pm
hi... was over in RAMELTON in october, took some friends with me this time as i`m always ravin on about my time there.. it was one of my friends 40th birthday while we were there and we spent it in CONWAYS..(in fact we spent most of our time there lol) and guess what??? they all wanna go back for more!!! friendly, beautiful, gr8 craic.. (they told me this but of course i already knew....) we only had a long w/end but made the most of it.. and it didnt rain once (think thats a first)gonna try n get over for the festival next year as they wanna see some traditional irish music.. just been lookin at photo`s on your site and wondered if there is any way of d/loading them as i am buying a digital photo frame for my auntie who used to live in ramelton (Mary Harper) she not been back for years and some of the pics on your site are outstanding and i think she would love them...all the best to my mates over there hope to see you soon..


Homepage: not entered   Email: Harpski[AT]gmail.com

138. frank mc fadden wrote at 13.12.2008 - 11:54am
hi to everyone in my home town best place in the world was over 2 times this year 3 weeks last time .it was just great did not see you this time george ina be back soon hope to see you both then and buy you a drink love the sit it keet me in touch with everything and if you see my brother over xmas tell him i love him top man so to every one that knows me and everyone in the town av a nice xmas and there is another man in town shaun norry we go back a long way tak care norry c u soon so to everyone god bless and xmas day i will be thinking of you all so thanks george ina for if it was not for this site this would not be possible keep up the good work merry xmas o and i will not forget the drink next time thats a promise love you all

Homepage: not entered   Email: frankmcfadden42[AT]btinternet .com uk

139. cathy boyce wrote at 12.12.2008 - 11:41am
Hi kevin cullen in liverpool.Im just going throw da guestbook and seen ur message up.Everybody well over here in ramelton.Tell every one we were asking 4 them and wish them all a merry christmas and a happy new year.
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140. emer and becca maine torlas carlets and dora wrote at 07.12.2008 - 9:54pm
caoimhes birthday klass!!!!!!!!!
its nearly christmas too!whooo!!!
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141. Liam Cullen wrote at 28.11.2008 - 3:20pm
I would like to thank all the people in Ramelton who congratulated me on my recent engagement, again, many thanks.
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142. Bern wrote at 18.11.2008 - 4:43am
I want to thank the gals at the Ancestery center for their help of questions and tour of the museum....it was a long journey from Pennsylvania in the states but I was glad that I could visit a town where some of my relatives came from. Cheers! Bern K
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143. Mary Jeffery wrote at 15.11.2008 - 11:19pm
Sure enjoy your site!! Both my maternal grandparents were born Ramelton. James Gallagher 1886 son of William & Margaret Gallagher and Margaret Brown b. 1886-daughter of William Brown and Catherine Coll. Because of your site have connected with a Brown second cousin. Thank you for that!! Would love to be able to visit one day!!

All the Best to All

Homepage: not entered   Email: mcjeff[AT]bcinternet.net

144. Julie wrote at 09.11.2008 - 4:09pm
Hi to Aoife and Maureen. Glad to hear you guys arrived safely. Hope you have a ball on your travels. Keep us posted on all you get up to. Take care of yourselves. Best Wishes, Julie
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145. Maureen Mc Glynn and Aoife Tinney wrote at 05.11.2008 - 9:41am
Hi to all you people back there in Ramelton... Ere in Fiji at the minute and Flying out to New Zealand Tomorrow.. Weather is so so good reminds us a bit of being back in Ireland.

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146. Mary and Richard! wrote at 27.10.2008 - 1:45am
Hello to Sharon, Bernard, Natasha, Ciaran,Dillon and little Emily, Andy + Margaret and all the Aikens! Hope to see you all over christmas and new year! :)))))) We hope to see all the friends we have made there! and really enjoy our visits! Maybe one of these times we will be staying for good! ;)))))) Mary and Richard, St Helens Lancashire UK (great website, keeps us up to date with Ramelton!)

Well, you never know.
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147. Jörg wrote at 26.10.2008 - 9:23am
Hallo aus Berlin
Super informative Page
Hat mir echt weitergeholfen
Dank und gruß aus Berlin
Vielen Dank und Gruesse in die alte Heimat!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: joergwinzer[AT]googlemail.com

148. Anamaria McCullough wrote at 24.09.2008 - 5:56pm
Hi everybody,
am proud to say I live in Ramelton and we are loving it....Very proud to tell people we live here......AMC
So do we!
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149. Pádraigín wrote at 15.09.2008 - 1:40pm
We hope that these buildings can be renovated - unlike Dublin which has now become a city of glass! We received great hospitality from the lady in the Tourist Office. We'll be back soon for a walk around the town.

We hope so too. They are really worth it.
Enjoy your next trip to Ramelton.
George & Ina
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150. Frank McGonigal wrote at 12.09.2008 - 10:49pm
Hi George and Ina...many thanks for the "New Old Photos"...I'm not a Rameltonian myself but my wife Frances is as you know,and we enjoyed seeing them.
Great to have those photos of the town in bygone years.
Hoping to be back next year with our son John and his wife Bridget,he's never been to his mothers birth town,and his McGarvey,Quinn,Strain and Trearty and Rockford ancestors.
He'll be doing the driving :o).
All the best,keep up the great work that you're doing.
Frank and Frances McGonigal Brampton Ont Canada.


Hi Frank & Frances,
it’s a pleasure to read the 250th entry in this guestbook from you. Thanks again!
The support of the locals is very much appreciated and makes it possible to show these old photos.
We hope to get more in the near future.
Looking forward to see you and your (driving) family next year.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

151. patrick gallagher wrote at 30.08.2008 - 10:08pm
Well i am back home again after spending a great week in Ramelton. I have reacharged my batteries again and i would just like to send my thanks to everyone who made my stay fantastic special thanks to my aunt and uncle Sonny and Anna who made my week there fantastic. I will need to go on a diet after Ann`s wonderful cooking.
Thanks to all
Homepage: not entered   Email: gallagherpatrick99[AT]yahoo.com

152. Eileen (McDaid) Glackin wrote at 22.08.2008 - 2:56pm

I've been meaning to email you for a long time. Congratulations on a fantastic website. You are doing a great service for us Ramelton people who are geographically removed from local information and happenings, but who love to feel that we are still part of it all.

I must also congratulate and thank the St Mary's reunion committee. It was an event never to be forgotten. One of the things that made it so special was all the little reunions that were making up the big one. I haven't been in Ramelton at the same time as my 4 sisters for many years. It's obvious a lot of hard work went in to the arranging of it by people who gave freely and voluntarily of their time. I would like them to know that it was very much appreciated by those who attended.

Eileen (McDaid) Glackin,Dublin

Well Eileen, yours and some other comments are the reason we are still keeping this website up to date.
Thanks again!
Regards to Dublin
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: glackin[AT]gofree.indigo.ie

153. emermclaughlin wrote at 19.08.2008 - 11:03pm
hi everone!!
how are us all!!!!!!!!!
any craic!!!!!!!!
i thught the renuion was very gud
i really enjoyed the concert and the rest of the stuff
hi roisin see u at choir on sunday

any way bye everone!!!!!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: emermclaughlin[AT]hotmail.com

154. Roisin Duignan wrote at 19.08.2008 - 3:07pm
the school Reunion was good
Homepage: not entered   Email: rodmo[AT]hotmail.com

155. Roisin Duignan wrote at 19.08.2008 - 3:05pm
Hello Everybody hi emer this is Roisin if you ever look at this again i also love the festival photos there great
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156. Caroline Meehan wrote at 17.08.2008 - 4:00pm
The old national School Renuion (Aug 8th-10th)

Well done to all the hard working committee who organised the school renunion.It was a great success and it was lovely to see so many people attend this. The weather was great for the weekend and the beautifully produced book was a lovely momento of the occasion.

Caroline Meehan - Mountcharles
You're absolutely right. It was a great weekend!

We added a page to 'Festival/Events' with some pictures of the weekend and a comment written by John McAteer of the Tirconaill Tribune.
Regards, George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: carolinejohnmeehan1[AT]eircom.net

157. Dermot Hawkins wrote at 14.08.2008 - 7:59pm
Amazing how technology has transformed the little town where I used to holiday in the late 60s!! Coincidently I am flying out tomorrow morning with my brother to visit our roots. My Mother was Kathleen Mc Fadden and our family onced owned the Bridge Bar, Chip shop, shop and Star Cinema when it was in its heyday. The references to Bank terrace by Brian McGeever brought back memories as I remeber Mrs McGeever well and have fond memories of Mrs Whoriskey. I loved to help her feed and collect eggs from her chickens and guinea fowl she kept next to the graveyard at the top of the terrace.My uncle Hugh and wife Peg are still living at Bridge End and the Bridge Bar will be on our itinery as always.Stange to see Frank Mc Faddens posts - might be my cousin. Have to e mail and find out......
Homepage: not entered   Email: d.hawkins1[AT]blueyonder.co.uk

158. 37F8F wrote at 06.08.2008 - 10:11pm
Homepage: not entered   Email: katyduff[AT]hotmail.co.uk

159. Frances Chapman wrote at 03.08.2008 - 10:52am
Hi there
I am visiting Ramelton in August to find out more about where my grandfather, William Brown was born - Castle Stree, I think. His father, also William was a baker in the town, although not sure where.
Would love to hear from anyone with any suggestions!
Homepage: not entered   Email: john[AT]thechapmen.co.uk

160. annmarie kelly wrote at 31.07.2008 - 10:57pm
hello to everyone in ramelton that knows me, hope to get back there soon, big hello to my uncle fred in st mary's terrace
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161. Tammy Campbell Lathey wrote at 30.07.2008 - 9:53pm
Love to check out this site and kept abreast of what is happening in a land that my family has come from. Though I have yet to set foot in Ireland, I must tell you I am working on getting there and exploring where I came from.
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: tlathey[AT]yahoo.com

162. moira george wrote at 30.07.2008 - 7:54pm
good luck for the reunion weekend hope everyone has a great time Brian, Susan, James, Phil and all.xx
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163. Sarah wrote at 26.07.2008 - 6:43pm
My name is Sarah R. I live in Bancroft, Ontairo Canada. I am 11 Years old and i have been to Ireland 4 times because my mom, Rosemary (Edwards) Rallison is from their. I Love to go to Ireland. It is my most favourite place in the world!
Sarah R.
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164. emer mc laughlin wrote at 22.07.2008 - 10:53pm
hi everyone how are you i love this website it is great i love the festival photos they are really good i think it was a great idea
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: mduffy35[AT]eircom.net

165. Sara Jane O'Connor wrote at 22.07.2008 - 9:51am
Hi to all at home in Ramelton, this site is amazing the pictures are great. Pats on the back all round. Looks like all enjoyed the festival as always, im sorry i missed all the fun. The weather looks better at home than it is here in Australia, just my luck. all the best to everyone at home.

Hi Sara,
it was really good craic. Sorry that you missed it but you should be here next year for the big 40th.
Regards from the sunny wee town!
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: sarajane.oconnor[AT]aon.com.au

166. frank mc fadden wrote at 17.07.2008 - 12:38am
i was in ramelton over the festival and that is my first time at one and as i am a native of ramelton from bridgend i was very impressed at the turn out i dident think so many people lived in the town and i was in conways one nite with my brother and george and ina was in that nite but did not want to intrude to say i love yor site keep up the good work .and thanks to everyone that gave me and my son and his wife such a nice time and we will be back god willing .love you all

Hi Frank,
thanks again for your guestbook entry and please don’t hesitate to talk to us when you see us again. We don’t bite!!!
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frankmcfadden42[AT]btinternet.com

167. Fiona Matthews wrote at 12.07.2008 - 1:18am
I missed the festival so any one thatwent feel free to tell me bits and bobs on this guestbook.i couldnt come down because i was in belfast visiting but i will be back on saturday bye!!!

Hi Fiona,
pictures of the festival will come very soon on this website.
Click on Festivals/Events and enjoy!

Regards, George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: FionaMatthews[AT]hotmail.co.uk

168. Joe Duffy wrote at 11.07.2008 - 11:18pm
Old St.Marys National School Reunion -
Dinner Dance

A little reminder to anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the Dinner Dance in the Milford Inn on Saturday 9th August may do so by contacting
Marion Mc Laughlin
4 Elm Court
074 91 52548
on or before the 1st August.
Tickets are priced at €30 per person
Hope to see all past St.Marys pupils and friends on the night.

Homepage: not entered   Email: joemaryduffy[AT]eircom.net

169. David B. Shean wrote at 11.07.2008 - 12:23am
Your website is so interesting. I was interested in your site to learn more of Ramelton and the surrounding community. The brother of my great grandfather Patrick Dill Hay was given a gold log chain and watch by the historic Presbyterian Church in Ramelton when he immigrated to the United States. The brother\'s name was William Hay who was married to Elizabeth Black. Patrick Dill Hay and his wife Mary Jene Heron along with their children immigrated to the State of Iowa in the United States about 1883. Their daughter Rebecca Campbell Hay is my grandmother. I am interested in the Hay, Dill, Campbell genealogy. The other side of my family with the name Shean came from southern Ireland. Hope everyone in Ramelton is having a great day and will talk again soon

Same to you!
Homepage: not entered   Email: shean4[AT]aol.com

170. Brian McGeevor wrote at 15.06.2008 - 5:19pm
Hi to all in Ramelton, my Grandparents used to live in Bank Terrace next door to Mrs Whoriskey, i used to love my summer holidays in Ramelton, and am glad to see it has its own website now. From what i remember the place was beautiful, but looking at the recent phots, it has got even more beautiful now. Hope to visit soon

Bank Terrace is still there but we still miss the summer.
Homepage: not entered   Email: brian.mcgeevor[AT]hotmail.com

171. Patrick Gallagher wrote at 14.06.2008 - 11:34pm
Hey i have to say this is a great website. I spent many a good summer in Ramelton as a child and my teenage years (all great times)but i did not know as much about the place as i do now (and my family have lived there for years)thank you i will be visiting regularly

Thanks Patrick and please do so!
Homepage: not entered   Email: gallagherpatrick99[AT]yahoo.com

172. Patrick Gallagher wrote at 14.06.2008 - 11:25pm
Like to thank you on the info you have on Killydonnal.We are just back from intering my father there (paddy gallagher)and i was looking for info on the priory and came across it. Thank you. Pat
Homepage: not entered   Email: gallagherpatrick99[AT]yahoo.com

173. Damien Tinney wrote at 27.05.2008 - 3:37am
Well done Conrad Logan And Stockport County FC.

Yes indeed!
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174. Jose U. Romulton wrote at 18.05.2008 - 8:27pm
I am from Panama, Panama. In search of my name origin I came accross with your site and believe there is some connection in finding some answers to my ancestry quest. My surname is probably a variant of your beautiful hometown name. If anyone feels that could share some insight about the origins, it will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.
Homepage: not entered   Email: jvr1218[AT]netscape.net

175. tony donaghey wrote at 14.05.2008 - 8:53pm
hello to all i just arrived home from the beautiful ireland and my families home of remlton donegal.more so they came from down the shore the donaghey's.if you know us drop me a line.would love to chat with some people .they are down the ballylyne road.had a awsome time.thank you all
Homepage: not entered   Email: donagheytony[AT]hotmail.com

176. Joe Duffy wrote at 11.05.2008 - 6:54pm
CORRECTION FROM EARLIER ENTRY: If anyone is looking for tickets for Old St. Mary's School Reunion Dinner Dance change of Date From Monday 2nd June to Tuesday 10th June. Booking Essential!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: joemaryduffy[AT]eircom.net

177. Caroline Meehan wrote at 11.05.2008 - 12:02am
Caroline Meehan here living in Mountcharles. I went to St. Marys school in Ramelton and I just want to wish the committee of the reunion all the best in organising this great event.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Thanks Joe for all your hard work!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: carolinejohnmeehan1[AT]eircom.net

178. Joe Duffy wrote at 10.05.2008 - 4:53pm
Just to let eveyone know that the old St.Marys national school are having a school reunion on Friday 8th August to Sunday 10th August 2008. See the following for a list of events.

Friday 8th- Concert in Town Hall at 8.30pm

Saturday 9th - Dinner & Dance in the Milford Inn Hotel at 8pm - Tickets go on sale for the Dinner Dance on Tuesday 2nd June to Friday 10th June (Booking essential)between 7-9pm - Price €30 per person
Contact Marion Mc Laughlin, 4 Elm Court, Ramelton, Co Donegal - Phone 074 91 52548.

Sunday 10th - Farewell Dance in Town Hall at 10pm-1am

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

Homepage: not entered   Email: joemaryduffy[AT]eircom.net

179. Gary McDaid wrote at 04.05.2008 - 4:18pm
This website is indeed brilliant, its great i can catch up on the local news every week from here in Preston, England.


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180. Kate wrote at 01.05.2008 - 6:04pm
Hi, I am looking to find a friend I went to college with in Maynooth in 1996/7 - Eddie Diver. He is from Ramelton and would have been born around 1980 or so. Quite a tall guy.
Last time I saw him was in 2000 and he was living in Galway.

Homepage: not entered   Email: cait_jim[AT]hotmail.com

181. Martina Ingram(Nee Catterson) wrote at 29.04.2008 - 6:22pm
I was home recently for a family wedding and found out about the site then. I think it is great very informative,and I will visit regularly.

Please do so!
Homepage: not entered   Email: martinaingram[AT]tiscali.co.uk

182. Toni wrote at 29.04.2008 - 11:59am
Would anyone happen to know of Frank sterling McGarvey of McGarvey coffee in Minneapolis MN? I have lots of info and Pics too. Please contact me. Toni
Homepage: not entered   Email: tonikayh[AT]charter.net

183. Hugh Clarke wrote at 26.04.2008 - 10:24am
Very good site. I be in Ramelton often and know the Whoriskeys well. Looks very well in snow pictures Jan 08.

Believe us......
It looks much better in sun!
Homepage: not entered   Email: u.clarke[AT]hotmail.com

184. Margaret P. McGarvey wrote at 13.04.2008 - 9:33pm
George & Ina, Greetings from Illinois ..periodically I sign on for the local news and remininisce through the photos; a lovely way to stay in touch with my heritage;
your efforts are much appreciated.
Greetings from the sunny wee town!
Thanks and enjoy
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: mmbbc1[AT]aol.com

185. charlie pyper wrote at 24.03.2008 - 1:37pm
hope everybodydy in ramelton is enjoying their easter hoildays if anybody knows vinny pyper and co could you please give them my e mail address looking forward to coming in may to my home town
Homepage: not entered   Email: tinalloyd78[AT]hotmail.com

186. Ash nd Neady wrote at 22.03.2008 - 2:18pm
Hey Rameltonies!!!!!!!
Happy Easter!

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187. lucy wrote at 21.03.2008 - 5:14pm
hi hope you ae haveing a good time. have a happy Easter love lucy


Homepage: Available, please click   Email: lucy-cullen[AT]hotmail.com

188. Sinéad wrote at 21.03.2008 - 11:54am
Hey everyone!
Heading off to Ramelton to my uncles holiday house. I cannot wait!
I love Ramelton so much...and especially the Football special!You gotta try this stuff!
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189. charles pyper wrote at 19.03.2008 - 8:03pm
hello everybody in ramelton could you pass on this message on to the pyper family that i will be coming home in may 17 to 20 thankyou
Homepage: not entered   Email: tinalloyd78[AT]hotmail.com

190. Sinead wrote at 14.03.2008 - 2:05pm
Ramelton is the place to be. The people are very friendly and the walks are beautiful.

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191. Catherine Duff wrote at 09.03.2008 - 2:02pm
Thank you for the obituary on my uncle, Mr Tommy Stewart. It was comforting for our family to read of him at this sad time.
Homepage: not entered   Email: katyduff[AT]hotmail.co.uk

192. Fiona Matthews wrote at 08.03.2008 - 11:35am
I came from Belfast but Ramelton is the best

you're absolutely right!

Take care,
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: FionaMatthews[AT]hotmail.co.uk

193. kevin wrote at 01.03.2008 - 11:12pm
hello to the Cullens,Tolands and Boyces, from all Charlies family in liverpool.Hope the lads working away are ok. The place looks as lovely as ever carn wait to see you all again and all the new additions we havent met. hope everyone is well.
Homepage: not entered   Email: Lucy-cullen[AT]hotmail.com

194. frank mc fadden wrote at 01.03.2008 - 11:27am
hi lesley.am glad you mum is ok.tks for your answer .i loved your mum at school but she did not know that lol.is she still a red head lol.you are going to say why after all this time.well i think think things come back to you as you get older.but over the years she as been in my head.and there was loads of girls at school at the time mary was at school to.but this red head always came out on top with me.lol.so if you are as good looking as your mum you are beautifull to.mybe be i will see her again that would be nice for me.be in ramelton end of june for 2 weeks.so tks again babe and you take care and god bless my frank mc fadden@hotmail.co.uk.
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195. Lesley Kane wrote at 27.02.2008 - 4:22pm
Message for Frank McFadden - hello, I am Renee Stewarts daughter. Mum is very well and living in Northern Ireland, she remembers you well and is in Ramelton regularly as her mother (still in same house) and most of her family still live there.
Homepage: not entered   Email: ljkane1[AT]hotmail.co.uk

196. michael hampson wrote at 25.02.2008 - 6:39pm
I am just saying hello, from ANN & Bernard McGrory, as they go home every year 2 Remelton
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: angelahampson[AT]blueyounder.co.uk

197. frank mc fadden wrote at 24.02.2008 - 1:26pm
i asked did anyone know the where abouts of a girl that i went to school with rennie stewart a red head .but as yet i have failed .so am trying again hoping someone can give me some news please .so come on please someone must know .she lived near our school .davie stewart daughter .thanks by the way good site .live in hope .be in ramelton end of june for 2 weeks
Homepage: not entered   Email: frankmc fadden42[AT]btinternet.com

198. charlie pyper wrote at 17.02.2008 - 12:45am
i forgot to say hello to the dunworth family and the fisher family i am looking forward to coming back to ramelton the first stop will be steve dunworth's cafe to have the curry that steve makes
Homepage: not entered   Email: tinallotd78[AT]hotmail.com

199. charlie pyper wrote at 17.02.2008 - 12:08am
hello everybody in ramelton and hello to the pyper family and all my friends also hello to the duffy's,the hanlon's'mc'faddens and the mc'hills hope to see you all soon
Homepage: not entered   Email: tinalloyd78[AT]hotmail.com

200. Lorraine Barnett Bashor wrote at 15.02.2008 - 7:12am
Samuel Russell and Mary Watt lived in Ramelton,in the 1600s.Their grandson John Buchanan left their son's home for Pennsylvania,married,and his son became our President John Buchanan.This is my grandmother's family background.Samuel Russell had a 230 acre farm,the Big Airds and raised sheep.150 years later the Russells were raising sheep in Iowa.My son Chris just came back from R. and he found the foundation of their home. Thanks museum/geneology gentlewoman for your kind help. Your website is marvelous. My father's ancestor John Barnett married Jeanett Power in Derry cathedral in 1701 and also came to PA with his family in 1730. The two families finally married in Iowa in 1890.We are still all Presbytrians.A thrill to have found such a delightful,historic town in our background.Lorrie
Homepage: not entered   Email: lorrinAR[AT]earthlink.net

201. James Logan wrote at 08.02.2008 - 7:56am
Hi everyone in Ramelton.

This is an excellent website.

I'm looking forward to coming back over May for the first time in 19 years. Looking forward to seeing all my relatives and having a few pints of Guiness!!!

Thank you!

There are still some pubs left after 19 years
for the 'Black Stuff'. Enjoy!!!

CU in May!

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: james[AT]logan999.wanadoo.co.uk

202. Joe Toland wrote at 05.02.2008 - 9:29am
Well there everyone just writing to wish everyone in the town all the best in the new year from joe in oz.
... and the same to you!


You made the 2 0 0 th entry in this guestbook.

Thank you all for your comments.

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: joe88toland[AT]yahoo.co.uk

203. yvonne (Bryant) Cain wrote at 03.02.2008 - 10:32pm
Thanks George & INA for the info, really appricate you getting back to me. I will be in Ramelton at that time and look forward to the reunion
You're very welcome!

CU in August!

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: cain4[AT]coeco.ca

204. John Bradley wrote at 03.02.2008 - 2:35am
Dear Ramelton,

What a lovely website ! I'm doing a little research on Reverend Francis McKemie and came across you. As a Derryman (now living in St Albans, England) with Donegal parents, I'm delighted to learn more about my adopted county. Take care - John Bradley
Here is Ramelton!

Thanks and good luck with your research.

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: seanobrolchain[AT]gmail.com

205. megan mc fadden wrote at 01.02.2008 - 12:40pm
diz is a klass website!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much!
Homepage: not entered   Email: mgnmcfadden[AT]yahoo.co.uk

206. kieran harte wrote at 28.01.2008 - 6:14pm
The pictures of ramelton in the snow were brilliant.
We were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.
Take care
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: swillyrovers06[AT]hotmail.com

207. yvonne (Bryant) Cain wrote at 21.01.2008 - 3:30pm
Hi there, Really great website. I went to St Marys school, I'm told there is a reunion coming up this summer. I live in Oakville which is just outside Toronto. Would love to find out more info about the reunion, as I'm coming home for a visit in the summer.

Hi Yvonne,
thanks for your comment about the website.

As far as we know the reunion will take place at the 6th August but more details will follow in the coming weeks.
George & INa
Homepage: not entered   Email: Cain4[AT]cogeco.ca

208. frank mc fadden wrote at 20.01.2008 - 2:42pm
hi am frank mc fadden went to school back lane and there was a girl at school rennie stewart lived nr school can anyone tell me where that girl is now.school sweet heart if you like .let me know please thanks.
Homepage: not entered   Email: frankmcfadden42[AT]btinternet.com

209. frank mc fadden wrote at 19.01.2008 - 8:46pm
hi nice to see snow in ramelton.but its nothing like it was when i was a boy no school that was good but i had to go to woods and find fire wood and it was cold.and it was snow you hads too be hard .or you were dead .the big coat on the bed came in handy ha i loved the snow got coffin lid from sam birney it was a big long one shapped like a coffin lid. come down bridge end was born in bridgend.did that thing go .man was it good
Homepage: not entered   Email: frankmcfadden42[AT]btinternet.com

210. Frank McGONIGAL wrote at 08.01.2008 - 12:32am
Hi George and Ina
Thanks for the photos of a snow covered Ramelton,certainly looks different with a covering of snow,I hope it didn't cause too many problems for the Rameltonians !
We've had our share of snow here too,but it's been very mild and the snow is melting,just a January thaw,we still have a lot of winter left yet.
Frank and Frances McGonigal Brampton Ontario Canada.

Hi Frank & Frances,


It was a lot of fun, at least for the children.
Everything else was chaos on the roads.
24 hours later the snow was gone
and now we’re back to normal.

Regards to Canada
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

211. john Malseed wrote at 07.01.2008 - 6:24am
Ramelton was my local village for the first 12years of my life. My parents and grandparents are buried at Killydonnel. I now live in Australia but usually visit Ramelton every two years. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year!
Regards to Australia
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: john[AT]malseed.com

212. Mary wrote at 01.01.2008 - 8:58pm
What a great webpage!

Last October my Irish-American fiancee and I made our first trip to Ireland and I fell in love with your beautiful country. My only regret is not being able to spend more time in the lovely countryside. We are now considering having our wedding ceremony in his homeland!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and peaceful New Year.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: fractalgirl22[AT]hotmail.com

213. patricia wrote at 01.01.2008 - 3:11am
happy new year 2008 from australia i was there in 2005 tracing my greatgrandparents william and martha sweeney who were born in ramelton and i loved your town and great to see where my heritage began
Homepage: not entered   Email: robyn[AT]bitbybyte.com.au

214. Aoife Tinney wrote at 26.12.2007 - 6:14pm
Just writing to wish my brother Damien Tinney in New York a very happy Christmas and New York... Lots of love from all your family back here in Ramelton... xx
Homepage: not entered   Email: fifitinney_19[AT]hotmail.com

215. Jack Slicer (McHugh) wrote at 24.12.2007 - 8:33pm
Hi people coming over to Ireland from Scotland/glasgow to go to the wedding of Jackie McHugh (my mums cousin)
And my family (the mchughs ) will be staying for New Year! Can't wait to see everybody over there!!! Like My cousin John the Head Boy of a school which I have forgoten the name of.:)

See ya!!!
Enjot your stay and all the Best to Jackie!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: Jackslicer[AT]hotmail.co.uk

216. angela mcmillan wrote at 05.12.2007 - 8:59pm
dear all , i'm still trying to connect to my grandfather's family , i've just found someone i think would be my grandfather's sister , her name was mary anne born 28/11/1873 in rathmullin . mother may have been known as nancy . ring any bells with anyone ? i'm hoping to visit ramelton in summer will it be possible for me to look at rc church records ? thankyou , angela
Homepage: not entered   Email: amcmillan06[AT]aol.com

217. Jim Leonard wrote at 29.11.2007 - 1:44am
What a beautiful site - congratulations.

My great-grandparents were married at the Chapel of Burt in 1884 and their 2 eldest children were born in Ramelton, they then came over here to Scotland and had 4 more. Their names were Joseph Curran and Bridget McCafferty, both born about 1865, probably in Ramelton. Joseph's parents were Patrick Curran and Catherine Steenson (or Stevenson) Bridget's parents were Charles McCafferty and Sarah Kerr (or Carr). Joseph had at least one sister - Catherine, she maried John McDade in or around Ramelton about 1884, they came to Scotland about 1890 and went to Ontario about 1912.
As far as I know, all of Bridget McCafferty's siblings came over to Scotland. Her eldest sister Sarah married Hugh docherty at St Johnston Donegal in 1883, then came over to Dumbarton.
I would be delighted to correspond with anyone researching these families.

Keep up the good work with the web site.
All the best,
Thank you very much and good luck with your research!
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: jleon2447[AT]aol.com

218. Jeannie Rusk wrote at 28.11.2007 - 9:39pm
What a great site! My Grandmother was Margaret Crossan born in the 1800's - she was the daughter of Patrick Crossan and Mary (Murray) Crossan. Looking to find some long lost relatives in County Donegal.
Homepage: not entered   Email: waltz34[AT]aol.com

219. ann harkin wrote at 25.11.2007 - 12:58am
hi to my dear cousins, ann and r.j. wasson, madge and francois, and my dear ann leavy barnes in letterkenny. on the website for the first time - proud to see the names of r.j. wasson for the old fotos and hi to breege mackey of the bridge bar. i don't know if you remember me, breege. my father was john harkin, my mother, cissie leavy harkin. wish i was there. god bless all.
Homepage: not entered   Email: annwnfrdirish[AT]aol.com

220. dick Mellett wrote at 23.11.2007 - 9:16pm
I was passing through Ramelton early Sept and stoped of in Ramelton for a break.The town is beautiful.I was in the Bridge Bar for lunch and it was beautiful.The service was friendly and the owner was very pleasent.I spent 2 hrs in the town and i will be back again.I live in Kildare.
Homepage: not entered   Email: dmellett[AT]eircom.ie

221. Laura wrote at 23.11.2007 - 10:37am
Hey, i come every summer and hopefully coming in the easter too! Looking forward to coming, i love Ramelton.
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222. Noel wrote at 16.11.2007 - 11:09pm
Hi I worked with a good guy in Dublin who was born in Ramelton many years a go. His name was Danny Mc Daid. A great person to have known. Noel
Homepage: not entered   Email: leonselrahc[AT]hotmail.com

223. ROBERT TODD wrote at 15.11.2007 - 9:02am
Dear Sirs,
The last time I visited Ramelton was 2004 july, we stayed in Letterkeney for two weeks,there was five of use who had relitives in the town I had not been back for 26 years my age at the time was 16.My cousins where Sunny,Mary,Joe,Gallagher of Church St, alass Mary has passed on but Sunny and Joe still live in the town with there families, we had a great time and would love to come back but I work abroad and I dont get enough time, I moved to North Wales 22 years ago, so if you run into Sunny or Joe say hellow from the Todds of North Wales and the Todds of Clydebank regards hope to se you soon Bobby Todd, P.S. The cousins are Gallaghers,Machils.Crerands.
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: bobtodd1951[AT]aol.com

224. angela mcmillan wrote at 08.11.2007 - 10:33pm
frank , thanks very much , haven't received e-mail as yet but i'm sure i will . i really hope they are because i'm at my wts end ! i'm told daniel had 2 sisters and that anne came from milford but that's about it . very grateful for your interest , angela . george & ina , received dvd today , lovely , makes me want to come even more for a visit . thanks
Homepage: not entered   Email: amcmillan06[AT]aol.com

225. frank mcgonigal wrote at 07.11.2007 - 1:43am
Hi Angela
Sent a couple of Michael McFadden and Anne Murray childrens births by E mail.
Not sure if they're yours or not.
Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

226. noelle magee wrote at 02.11.2007 - 11:21pm
this is a brilliant website xx
Thanks again (you're absolutely right).
Homepage: not entered   Email: noellemagee[AT]hotmail.com

227. angela mcmillan wrote at 30.10.2007 - 7:52pm
hi , i've just found your site today and i think it's wonderful . i'm trying to trace my grandfather's family who i'm told came from /lived in ramelton . i hope someone can help , my granda's name was daniel mcfadden born march 1880 , his parents were michael and anne nee murray .any info would be greatly appreciated , angela
Thank you very much and good luck with the research.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: amcmillan06[AT]aol.com

228. Damien Tinney wrote at 02.10.2007 - 2:41am
Big Congrats!!!!
To Patrick McFadden and Angela Curren on their wedding last
Saturday in Ramelton.
Good Luck and all the best
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229. Mc Kitty wrote at 05.08.2007 - 1:54am
I am a native aussy, i really enjoyed my stay in the town of ramelton, the heritage centre was amazing and pubs were great crack and met lovely..Thankyou the Mc Kitty family
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230. Philip Terry wrote at 01.08.2007 - 9:17am
George and Ina
Hello again!
I am living vicariously through your website. I was unable to go to the festival last year or this (a new grand daughter) but I am reading your local news to keep up to date - in case I will be tested later - so please keep up the good work. I am anxiously awaiting the photos of this year’s Lennon Festival. We always stay at Anne and Bert’s and we miss the good craic of the singing pub contest. We have a favorite but it would be unfair to say.

I know that Terry is Norman name (common in Cork) but my mom is an O’Connor, with Brennan and other original Irish ancestors thrown in to the mix. I found them buried in Elphin, County Roscommon and more in Carlow. Having said that, I am drawn to your area of Donegal. Perhaps it is the Scottish Kennedy’s and McCullough that also permeate my ancestral past.

Continually updating my website, I understand the effort involved but I wanted you to know that there are many like myself that are waiting for the photos from this year’s festival. This should not be taken as anything but an appreciation of your efforts to bring the world a slice of “life in Ramelton”. Many of us depend upon your efforts.

I understand it rained quite a bit this year and I consider that an added benefit when I visit. It builds character. This year, here in Marin County (near Napa) California it has been 70-78 almost every day at mid day - boring. Living near the Pacific Ocean we have early morning fog and if I get up and out around 6 a.m., I can almost smell Ireland on the breeze. Thank God for these small favors – an early morning whiff of Ireland.

Missing you and yours and especially Ramelton, hoping all is well.

Philip A Terry
Congratulations to your new grand daughter and many many thanks for your lovely words.
With a little help of the 'Tirconnail Tribune' (added to our photos) we can give you and anybody else now some impressions of this years festival.
The 'Tribune' also provides us with the weekly news which we put online Thursdays (mostly).
Nice to get some response for the effort.
So we'll try again to keep you all up to date.

Regards from sunny and dry (!!!) Ramelton
George & Ina
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: pa2terry[AT]comcast.net

231. Elizabeth Divers Gall wrote at 24.07.2007 - 5:04pm
My Aunt Annie (Divers) Murray and Uncle John Murray lived in Ramelton - last time I was there was 44 years ago. My cousins James, David, John, Martha and Susan had moved up to the new houses near the beautiful old church. I will be visiting again in October. I am sure I will be amazed and impressed with all the changes. My grandparents were James and Nancy Ward Divers.
Hi Elizabeth,
we are pretty sure that there were some changes in the last 44 years but find out by yourself.
Homepage: not entered   Email: divers7177[AT]comcast.net

232. Ellen Wycislo wrote at 06.07.2007 - 6:34pm
Looking forward to visiting Ramelton next year. Once was the home of my Grandfather Patrick Diver and his parents Roseanne Martin and John Diver.
Will be using Doughbeg as my homebase.
Homepage: not entered   Email: EMarie41[AT]aol.com

233. Aoife Tinney wrote at 06.06.2007 - 3:40am
Hey wee Zara,
Hope u enjoyed ur confirmation, everything is goin good over here in Canada, Lots of love from Aoife and Neil xxx
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234. Damien Tinney wrote at 08.05.2007 - 1:08am
Hi there Zara & all,
Just here enjoyin the sun shine and hope u and all r well!
Must call u soon,but don't get in frm work until 5:30pm so
can't get a chance to call u on Skype.
Anyhoo love u!
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235. Zara Breslin wrote at 04.05.2007 - 11:32pm
wat u at?????Me and Shane and Thomas are here.just writing u a wee note bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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236. Heiko Krüger wrote at 30.04.2007 - 10:25pm
Seit 2004 bin ich begeistert von Irland und komme im Jahr mindestens zwei mal hier her. Mein Basislager schlage ich dann in Ardara auf. Super schön.....

Gruss Heiko
Ardara ist schoen,
Ramelton ist schoener!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: mail[AT]krueger-friedland.de

237. Zara Breslin wrote at 25.04.2007 - 10:11pm
It's me here . wat is up ????.Not much here
It's been raining here this week.Granny and granda is go to that wedding this week end .
got to go Bye bye
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238. Damien Tinney wrote at 10.04.2007 - 1:20am
Does neabody visit this site nea-mare????
I think its letheal sir!!
16 degrees and sunshine!
They're all out and about!
Nobody here to reply!
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239. Damien Tinney wrote at 29.03.2007 - 11:23pm
Whats the craic in Ramelton sir???????
Hope all are well in the wee toon.
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240. laura wrote at 08.03.2007 - 4:28pm
Ggggreat site!!!!
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241. Danny Riley wrote at 05.03.2007 - 6:52pm
Great site! Most of my family live out the Ballylinn rd ( Mary Gallagher and her wains! ) its nice to see actual photos of the town . Maybe some Killydonnel ones would go down nicely too . Thanks
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: hobbit_02[AT]hotmail.co.uk

242. Swail wrote at 28.02.2007 - 2:50pm
oh one more thing, when did you take those pictures directly opposite the quay?? bloody trampling my good lawn were ya.haha.
Homepage: not entered   Email: roy_keane16[AT]hotmail.com

243. Swail wrote at 28.02.2007 - 2:47pm
This is brilliant, i didnt realise the ramelton notes were on this site at all. excellent way to keep up with whats going on, the pictures of the panto are great as well. fair play to my auntie jean for her nomination for donegal person of the year, im so proud, sniffle. Hope all is well in the weeee tooon as Mouse puts it ;p
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244. John R Newell, Jr wrote at 28.02.2007 - 3:18am
My Father (re)visited in May 2006 (see his note#19 on 28 Sept 2006) Because of his stories and pictures of his trip, we (my daughter and I) are coming to see for ourselves. We are very excited about our Aril 2007 trip and can not wait to see some of OUR heritage
Homepage: not entered   Email: johnnewell[AT]cablespeed.com

245. Mouse!!! wrote at 27.02.2007 - 2:13pm
excellent site!! keeps me up to date with the happenings going on in da weeeee toooon!!!

what day of the week does the local news be posted on to this site????
Hi Mouse,

thank you very much. Da weeee toooon keeps us busy all time.

Because of the excellent support of the TIRCONAILL TRIBUNE we can provide the Local News around Thursdays.
Enjoy it!
Homepage: not entered   Email: www.lmooney443[AT]hotmail.com

246. Annmarie wrote at 21.02.2007 - 3:48pm
Hello to all the lewis family in ramelton st marys terrace
Homepage: not entered   Email: annmarie.kelly[AT]tesco.net

247. Seán Ahern wrote at 26.01.2007 - 3:25pm
Really great site, Have really good memories from my summers in Ramelton and this site brings it all back,
Ramelton is also enjoyable in the winter time!
Homepage: not entered   Email: sean341971[AT]hotmail.com

248. Anthony Fisher wrote at 10.01.2007 - 5:10pm
Hey!!!!!unbelieveable web site,ramelton is proud to have to outstanding people like use running this site.
Hey!!!! What a nice compliment.
Thank you very much!
Homepage: not entered   Email: antofisher[AT]caumps.ie

249. Catherine Billups wrote at 31.12.2006 - 6:45pm
excellent site which I enjoyed immensely.
Many thanks!
Homepage: not entered   Email: billups[AT]italiamac.it

250. Sr Julianna Johanna wrote at 04.12.2006 - 8:00am
For this lovely and evocative web site, thanks and blessings. I am looking forward to meeting you all at the market this coming Saturay and to my first visit to Ramelton. All blessings and thanks.
You are very welcome!!!
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251. InSpIrIt wrote at 01.12.2006 - 12:46am
A BiG HeLlO To Ali GaLlAgHeR HopE YoU AnD YoUrS ArE WeLL. ReGaRdS InSpIrIt ..... lovelegends.com
If YoU HaVnT FoUnD It AlLrEaDY ALi, ChEcK I T OOt>:
Ya mIgHt lIkE It >>I KnOw, yA GoNnA LiKe It.M.
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252. Damien Tinney wrote at 13.11.2006 - 10:36pm
Hello and Congratulations to my big Sis, Ann Tinney Breslin,on the birth of a wonderful baby boy on Saturday 11th of November,And to Zara and Thomas on a new baby brother,Rory.
Hope to see you all real soon! your brother and uncle Damien in New York.
Homepage: not entered   Email: frogde1[AT]aol.com

253. Damien Tinney wrote at 11.11.2006 - 12:51am
Hi to all in wee Ramelton,hope you are all well.Enjoy November, to all the Tinney Family.
Still here in New York working like crazy and hoping to see you all real soon!Love the Web-site and have all the photos as screen savers!
Good luck and thanks!
Homepage: not entered   Email: frogde1[AT]aol.com

254. Frank McGonigal wrote at 03.11.2006 - 2:45pm
For Margaret P McGARVEY
Margaret,you expressed the desire to know about your McGARVEY ancestors,but you haven't replied to my two E Mails on this subject.
Could you please E Mail me at ..
Frank McGonigal
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

255. Aoife and Carri wrote at 28.10.2006 - 6:47pm
Hi to everyone..
Just writing a wee note to wish everyone a Happy Halloween dat goes out to me big bro in New York Also.. see yous all soon
We also wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here and there and everywhere!
George & Ina
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256. James Gallagher wrote at 25.10.2006 - 4:53pm
Excellent website,often passed through and seldom stopped,however,after reading your pages,i will.
Thank you very much!
We'll give our best to keep you interested.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: gallagher57[AT]hotmail.co.uk

257. Brian Toland wrote at 22.10.2006 - 6:30pm
To my younger brother joe,HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY,mmiss you man,keep the head up.Hello to every one else,see y'all in a few years.Miss everybody.Goodluck.
Homepage: not entered   Email: caoimhe1012[AT]yahoo.com

258. Frank McGonigal wrote at 14.10.2006 - 2:48am
Hi Margaret
My wife is Frances nee McGarvey from Ramelton.
Andrew,Ian,Norman,Cecil.Ernie,David and Ronald McGarvey are her cousins.
I'll E Mail you and we can exchage info and photos etc.
Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada.
As we said:
The next reunion has to be in Ramelton!
Regards to Canada again
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

259. Margaret P. McGarvey wrote at 11.10.2006 - 9:09pm
I was sooo excited to discover this website; I'm the daughter of Andrew & Sheila McGarvey.Imagine my surprise to see a photo of my Uncles Ian & Ronald at the Festival. I've wonderful memories of Ramelton; the jaunting cart with Grandad;my Gran saying Och, leave the wee bairns alone. Eating raspberry ripple wafers; we were terribly spoiled. The memories of the beautiful ocean and countryside, wild strawberries, collecting honey; chasing a hen and chicks at the Ralston farm; being trapped in the cow barn by Uncles who squirted me with milk ..YUK .. Yes I had a temper and when they let go of me!!! Now I live in the USA and work in Aerospace..I plan to return to Ramelton and recharge my old memories. It appears I have some relatives on the Guestbook .. love to hear from you.
Thanks Margaret,
we guess there are also some relatives in the town and not only in the guestbook.
What a nice change between Ramelton and Aerospace. We know that feeling only reversely but love to be here now.
See you some time in the town.
Regards to the US
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: mmbbc1[AT]aol.com

260. Damien Tinney wrote at 06.10.2006 - 12:41am
Well everyone in Ramelton hope your all doin good!
And a big hello to my wee sis in sunny Spain,Hope uand Carri r enjoyin yourself. E-mail me anytime you get a chance,and send some pics..
Homepage: not entered   Email: frogde1[AT]aol.com

261. Aoif e and Carri wrote at 05.10.2006 - 11:23pm
Hello to everyone in Ramelton especially the Tinney family and Dunworth family. Havin a brilliant time ere in Seville sunshine everyday which makes a change to back home.
Went into Cadiz on Saturday some lovely beaches and shops there. Startin work on Monday so just enjoyin the sun until that.
Learning loads of spanish everything going good so far...
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262. Walt Gozdan wrote at 28.09.2006 - 8:22pm
Recently vacationed in Ramelton. My father-in-law was born there, so it was a great thrill for my wife and I to be there. He lived on Back Street. I would guess some of the homes there were from his time, which would be the early 1900.
Homepage: not entered   Email: PaintmanWJG[AT]Verizon.Net

263. John R. Newell wrote at 28.09.2006 - 3:41am
My Mom was born in Ramelton and I revisited in May,'06. I was in Ramelton in Aug, 1936 for the month with Mom (Mary Frances Duffy). I again saw all that I did when I was 13 and it was like I never left! Thanks for this Great website! (I think I left my heart in Ramelton)
We too!
Homepage: not entered   Email: john.newellsr[AT]sympatico.ca

264. Kerstin Thein wrote at 16.09.2006 - 12:53pm
Wow! A really great Website...
I like Ireland and your photos.
Please have a look here: http://www.trivago.de/irland-31465
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: kthein[AT]web.de

265. Patrick Mc Goldrick wrote at 15.09.2006 - 1:04pm
Hello Ramelton
What a great web site I can keep up to date with local activities while I live elsewhere. I lived in Ramelton during the seventies and have some good friends there I have been back a couple of times since then and hope to return for the 2007 Lennon Festival

Best Regards
Hello Patrick,
thanks for the compliment.
Whenever we get the dates for 2007, you'll definitely find it here on this website.
In the meantime we try to keep you up to date.

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: pgmcgoldrick[AT]yahoo.co.uk

266. Liam Pike wrote at 12.09.2006 - 1:37pm
Is the fishing good in Ramelton on the Lennon? I love the fishing. I'm from Oldham but will be in Northern Island next month. I will make a fish pie for anyone with good advice for fishing on the Emerild Island.
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267. Anna Cloherty-Boyce wrote at 04.09.2006 - 1:49pm
Hello To Everyone That Knows Me In Scotland,Ireland And England !!
> A Message To Ina And George <
Please Keep In Touck With Me As I Havn't Spoken To You In A While !
Hope Everyone Is Keeping Well And Hope To See Everyone Safe And Well Next Year.!
Hello Anna!

Really funny, whenever we thought we know “most” of the Boyce-family,
there is always one more.
It will cost us another century until we know them all!

Greetings to Scotland
CU next year
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268. Peter and Ulla wrote at 23.08.2006 - 10:44pm
Hallo Ina and George, remember a short but very nice stay at your house. Our holidays at Ireland were fantastic. Thanks again and best wishes! Hope to come again one day!
Hello Ulla & Peter,
thank you very much. Hopefully next time you'll stay a bit longer.
There is plenty to discover in and around the town.

Greetings to Germany
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: Fam.Peter.Guenther[AT]t-online

269. Billy McGinty wrote at 22.08.2006 - 1:05pm
Rolled through Ramelton a week ago while on my holidays. I'm from Scotland. I would like to uproot Ramelton and bring it back to Scotland with me. The charming Lennon and great people could come too and have some traditional haggis. Instead of exchanging cultures we could just import yours? Eire go bra!
What about "cloning"?
Every country should have their own Ramelton and the Irish Rameltonians could stay where they are!

Greetings to Scotland
George & Ina
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270. Frank McGonigal wrote at 04.08.2006 - 6:10pm
Seeing the DVD for sale ( I may buy it ) reminds me that last year an aquaintance sent me a DVD made from Paddy Williams home movies called "Memories of Ramelton".
It includes scenes of the Lennon Festivals around 1972-1977.
It also includes the bus runs from Clydebank to Ramelton around the same time.
I believe that Eugene Norry (my wifes brother in law) was involved in organizing it.
The quality is not great,but my wife Frances,nee McGarvey,enjoyed seeing her Dad "Big Bob McGarvey" and sisters in it.

Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada
Hi again,

we’ll ask Eugene how he was involved in this historic movie.

Regarding our DVD, we put a lot of our photos from the website on it,
supported it with some good music and hope everybody will enjoy watching it on the Tele.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

271. Douglas Penrose wrote at 04.08.2006 - 5:49pm
Hello Ramelton,
I'm looking for information on the yellow snipe. The last I heard, there was one heading you way. Keep your eyes open twitchers
Toodle pip
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272. William Wink wrote at 04.08.2006 - 5:47pm
The summer is warm in sweet Ramelton,
Kids with cones of icecream a meltin',
Pints of beer pulled from the fridge,
The Lennon flows 'neath the bridge.

The birds they fly in Ramelton's sky,
Donegal's jewel - and that's no lie,
Is this town's heart and soul you see,
Ramelton you really are lovely.
That's even better!
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273. Craig wrote at 04.08.2006 - 2:04am
Where is Drumherrive? My McFate relatives came from there and I am trying to find out if any McFates still love there.
Homepage: not entered   Email: cmcclayw[AT]hotmail.com

274. Frank McGonigal wrote at 02.08.2006 - 12:46am
Dear George and Ina
Thanks for posting the 2006 Lennon Festival photos,we've been anxiously waiting to see them.
Too bad you had some rain,but that never stopped anyone from enjoying themselves,and it seems that the sun did make an appearance.
Sorry we missed it,maybe next year !
Frank and Frances McGonigal Ont.Canada.
Hello Frank & Francis,

nice to read from you again.
Sorry, we were a bit late with the photos but at the moment we are very busy.
You were right, the weather wasn’t the best but it kept the dust away.
Hope to see you next year again.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

275. Kaśka Ch. wrote at 28.07.2006 - 3:37pm
Pozdrowienia dla Andrzeja D. z Kunic. O bigosie pogadamy w domu... ps. i o ogórkowej też. Caluje - mama
Enjoy your meal!
Homepage: not entered   Email: candy81[AT]o2.pl

276. Damien Tinney wrote at 21.07.2006 - 2:54am
I like to wish my Mom and Dad,Evelyn & Paddy Tinney a very happy 40th wedding anniversary,and many more happy years in the future.Hope to see you both in October.
Love Damien...
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277. William Wink wrote at 20.07.2006 - 5:44pm
I wrote a poem about this lovely town. Here it is.

Ramelton with your bridge,
The babbling Lennon cools the town,
Silence and laughter,
The birds sing,
Ramelton you're a lady.
That's nice.
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278. Mark McKamey wrote at 17.07.2006 - 7:10am
I am unsure if my geneology carries back to Francis Makemie, but it is interesting following where he came from. 16 yrs ago I lived in Tully Cross, Co. Galway for 4 months and I hope to return in 2008 and make my way up to Ramelton.
Homepage: not entered   Email: mamckamey[AT]yahoo.com

279. chris mckeague wrote at 16.07.2006 - 2:18pm
thinkiing of my dad "davey Mckeague" its been a long time since i have been in ramelton miss the flyfishing and the friendly people hope to come over soon
Yes, you should!
Homepage: not entered   Email: chris.kinninmonth[AT]btinternet.com

280. Gaybo wrote at 13.07.2006 - 2:35pm
Arrive alive.
Please do so!!!
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281. Billy Bunter wrote at 13.07.2006 - 2:21pm
Enjoy the Lennon Festival - but remember it's not a time for driving into the river.
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282. Damien Tinney wrote at 07.07.2006 - 3:24am
Hello all the the Tinney family and friends!!!
Hi to everybody in Ramelton,and enjoy the Lennon Festival,as it always is a great weekend.Can't make it this year but hopfully will next time,

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283. Billy Bunter wrote at 03.07.2006 - 6:52pm
I have not visited Ramelton but would like to some day. If I do I will be careful not to drive off the bridge.
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284. LEE HARPER wrote at 29.06.2006 - 11:42pm
will be arriving in Ramelton on the 12th of August...."cant wait" counting down the days.. p.s if anyone who reads this knows Terry or Karen Coyle please ask them to email me..... If not i will catch up with them when i get over.. see you soon
nice to read again from you.
We know, you’re not as often here as you want but it’s not too long until August.
CU then.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: Harpski[AT]gmail.com

285. Linda Johnson wrote at 27.05.2006 - 8:51pm
This is really, really beautiful. I wish I could live there.
Come here and find out!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: Mrs.LindaM.Johnson[AT]excite.co.uk

286. Marie-Therese Mc Daid wrote at 05.04.2006 - 9:59pm
Hi there,
just surfing in the net. What do I find, a Mc Daid's pup. How funny, here in the whole country of Switzerland there are only 5 people called Mc Daid , my husbund, myself and my three youngsters:-) Where do I find Ramelton ?
greetings from the mountains
Hi to Switzerland!
You will find McDaid's in Ramelton and Co. Donegal like mountains in Switzerland.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: mt.mcdaid[AT]gmx.ch

287. Rosemary Rallison wrote at 24.03.2006 - 7:39pm
What a great site! We had a great visit to Ramelton for Christmas. Regards to all the Edwards,Mc Garveys, Russels and Lees. Hi to the Brownes too.
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288. Josey wrote at 21.03.2006 - 12:34pm
A big hello to dorothy hegarty in ramrlton.Everything is fine now.c you over the festival........
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289. Percilla wrote at 16.03.2006 - 11:03am
Hello to Sophia in Ramelton hows everything going?Hope to c u soon!
Take Care{Smily:68
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

290. Kathleen mc Geever wrote at 08.03.2006 - 2:06pm
I was just wondering if anyone knows,if you book a pantomine ticket do you have to pay for it within 24 hours or can you pay when collecting as i wont be in Ramelton till next week & was just gonna ring up and book.
Hi Kathleen!

"All tickets booked by phone must be paid for within 48 hours - otherwise they will be resold immediately"
(advertised in the newspaper)
Enjoy the performance
George & Ina
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291. Sheena Murry wrote at 06.03.2006 - 12:43pm
Jus want to say hi to Stacey in Ramelton! Hoping to be over in a few weeks! C ya soon
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292. Jennifer wrote at 28.02.2006 - 12:41pm
Where is Drummonaghan Wood in Ramelton and how do you access it? Is the waterfall located in the woods?
Hi Jennifer,
the entrance of Drummonaghan Wood is at the Kilmacrennan Road on the right hand side, the waterfall is on the opposite side.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: ddowney[AT]gofree.indigo.ie

293. Kris wrote at 25.02.2006 - 1:02pm
Hi! I´m missing Ireland...I´ve spent a wonderful week in Ramelton last summer. Greetings to my friend Esther, take care (hope to visit you again)
Homepage: not entered   Email: KHeczko[AT]aol.com

294. marie callaghan wrote at 17.02.2006 - 11:52pm
andahi to mary doherty and karen dunworth hope you are well we miss ramelton hope to be over some time this year miss steves french fries after a few pints in marys good luck to every in town
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295. Aidan wrote at 15.02.2006 - 2:17pm
George & Ina
Cool website nice to everything thats in the wee town
Keep up the good work

Thanks, we’ll certainly do.
Sometimes we don’t know what is growing faster;
The town or the website?

George & Ina
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296. cillian wrote at 15.02.2006 - 2:05pm
Hi Stacey,
How's things in the wee town?
I'll c uz all during the festival.
Best wishes
The dates of the Lennon Festival are Friday 7th July to Monday 10th July,
with the singing pubs on the week prior to that.
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297. Julia Hanlon wrote at 14.02.2006 - 6:23pm
Hi jean how's things
Hello to all our guestbook-users

we want to thank everybody for their comments in the
We also would appreciate if anybody who likes to send
special greetings would use the RAMELTON-FORUM.
Thank you very much
George & Ina
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298. Mary Alice Finlan wrote at 12.02.2006 - 5:58pm
My daughter Emily and I stayed at Crammond House three years ago, and loved it. But, only one night is not enough. I'm trying to get away to spend a week or two in your town, so that I can go day-tripping around your beautiful country. Much love from Homestead, Florida.
Mary Alice,
that’s exactly what we are telling everybody who wants to know it or not!
Come here,
Stay here
for a week or two,
make your trips
and enjoy your holidays in Ramelton!

Thank you very much for your comment and hope to see you back!
Greetings from sunny Ramelton to sunny Florida
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: maryalice[AT]gobhan.com

299. Jean Williams wrote at 08.02.2006 - 5:29pm
Hello Julia Hanlon, hope you are well. Do you remember me at St. Mary's and best wishes to all your famolie at swilly park
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300. Damien Tinney wrote at 08.02.2006 - 12:59am
Hey there to all in the wee toon!
Tinney here just sayin hello and hope all the family
and friends are doin well.
Cool website,nice one..
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301. Caoimhe toland wrote at 07.02.2006 - 8:27pm
To Brian
how are you getting on in America
hope you are coming back soon
love caoimhe



George & Ina
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302. Lee Mooney wrote at 07.02.2006 - 2:13pm
wel done to aoife you found how to put your message on..
wel don
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303. Aoife Tinney wrote at 06.02.2006 - 12:04pm
A big Hello to my big bruv in New York...
just like to thank you for a brill time in the states and we're missing the crack like mad...
hope we will get a chance to go over again sometime soon...
thanks alot
Aoife and Carri
Homepage: not entered   Email: fifitinney_19[AT]hotmail.com

304. Nicole, Emer & Denise Mc Daid wrote at 30.01.2006 - 11:46pm
Hello to all the Ramelton boys in Oz, especially Chuck, from your 3 best sisters!!! Hope you are all enjoying your travels up the coast! Enjoy the work in Brisbane when you stop off there!!!! The wee town is very quiet without you louts! Missing you all, take care and will see you in a few months
Nicole, Emer & Denise
Nicole sent them kisses to Willie, she didn't mention anyone else!

Hello to Brian Toland in the US as well! Hope the form is good with you Brian, seen Joe at the weekend and he's getting more and more like you! Take care and will see you in the near future again!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: denisecr1[AT]o2.ie

305. adrian toland wrote at 23.01.2006 - 4:58pm
hows all da boys in oz!? i take it u's are still alive then!! hope everything going well!? what'd poor stumpy do on u's? u's left him out! gimme shout back next time u's on!
Homepage: not entered   Email: adi723[AT]msn.com

306. Mighty Mouse wrote at 23.01.2006 - 4:48pm
to aidan
anywhere but conways at the bottom of castle street or the Bridge Bar Restaurant is very nice.
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307. Howard Black wrote at 16.01.2006 - 9:43pm
Fantastic site. Hope to visit someday, my family is from Ramelton they came to Boston Mass. USA about 1735. Merchants who dealt in the flax trade and shipping. Love to have contact with any Blacks from the area. It would be nice to come home for a bit. Willing to share my family research of the past 10 years. Howard [Sgiobar]Black, Maine USA
Homepage: not entered   Email: HowardGBlackjr[AT]AOL.com

308. Aidan wrote at 07.01.2006 - 4:16am
I am planning a weekend in the Ramelton area for March or April. Any recommendations for pubs & restaurants would be great thanks.

Great site BTW.
Hi Aidan,
you have to find it out by yourself, because they are all recommendable!
After that weekend you'll need another to recover.
Enjoy your stay!
George & Ina
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309. lee Mooney wrote at 05.01.2006 - 3:42pm
to the lads in ozzy and also kirsty and kyle!
nice to now us are all keeping well. as us probley now me am flat to the map here in college doing nothen. ;)is stumpy living or did us just left him out..?????????? hard to beat student life. everybody keeping well and had a good christmas and new year. missed us all though didnt even go to the milford inn christmas night.. missed da owl house crawl....any way chat to us all soon and look after your sels..
best pal lee
Homepage: not entered   Email: lmooney443[AT]hotmail.com

310. suzanne co.down wrote at 20.12.2005 - 3:18pm
hhhhhheeeeeeeaaaaaayyyyyyyy? its suzanne from co.down. i was down with the band for the fleadh in august. well just a message to say hi and that i will be back. xxx
Homepage: not entered   Email: cutie.susie[AT]hotmail.co.uk

311. ron mcgarvey wrote at 18.12.2005 - 1:45pm
Merry Christmas to everyone in Donegal, especially to the people of Ramelton. It's such a beautiful place; Happy New Year to all!
Homepage: not entered   Email: jemcgarvey[AT]hhotmail.com

312. kirsty wrote at 16.12.2005 - 12:49am
hello to everyone back home (and in oz!) especially emma, carri and lee! hope to see you all soon love ya loads xxx
Homepage: not entered   Email: hanlonkirstyl[AT]yahoo.co.uk

313. chuck,kevi,willy,sean,gardiner and joe wrote at 13.12.2005 - 11:19am
hows is all the crazy people getting on in the wee town!!we think the site is great and is handy to keep up to date with whats going on.having a great time out her in oz the weather is great in the 30's most days! i hear the weather is good back home too ha ha!MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!see you in a couple of months.
Hi Lads,
Our weather is almost the same but more in the twenties.
10 in the morning and 10 in the evening.
Enjoy your time and come back safely!

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: chuck22[AT]o2.ie

314. Brian Toland wrote at 08.12.2005 - 1:46am
Fantanstic site.Its nice to keep up with whats goin on there.To the Toland family, White Leas,miss you loads,love you.To the rest of family, friends,Purky & Ramelton,MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR.See you in a few years. "Hopefully".
Hi Brian,
Thanks for the compliments.
Hope the Tolands read your message. If not, we’ll forward your greetings to them.
CU then (surely)
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: caoimhe01[AT]hotmail.com

315. Lee Harper wrote at 08.12.2005 - 1:01am
I lived in Ramelton between 1989-1993(apart from the winter,was in a moblile home at the clooney..far too cold.)I had some great times while over there...I dont get over as much as i would like to these days,so your web site is a great way for me to visit.. cheers Lee Harper.
Hi Lee,
the winter at the moment isn’t too bad and the mobile home is still there (Brannigans?). So, why don’t you come over? Otherwise it’s certainly more convenient to see Ramelton from the PC. But sometimes it has to be the Original. Right?
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: Harpski[AT]gmail.com

316. Sinead Keogh wrote at 01.11.2005 - 4:47pm
Some friends of mine have just bought a house in Ramelton and I am here in NY enjoying the website. Thanks for setting it up and I hope to see it in real life at Christmas.
Hi Sinead,
thanks for looking at it.
You'll love it!!!
Regards to New York
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: Shinners32[AT]yahoo.com

317. Jean williams wrote at 31.10.2005 - 5:41pm
hope to see u all soon (hello maggie tesa & gary)
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318. susan mcgann nee muray wrote at 30.10.2005 - 11:03pm
Hi, im Susan, I left Ramelton in 1960. Now living in England. I get home as often as possible. Would like to hear from anyone who went to St Marys school 1952 to 1959
Good luck!!!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: susanmcgann[AT]hotmail.com

319. Ken Lewis wrote at 28.10.2005 - 9:23pm
I came with my wife, Gladys, on 9/20/05 and loved your town. My interest was to see where my ancestors lived before coming to America. I am a decendant of William and Joshua Russell who migrated in 1812. I found some grave markers at the abandon church. I would like to know the name of the church. I also spoke to Bobby Steward and he directed me to the old Russell's farms, the big arbs and wee arbs and the old mill on the river.
I found everyone extremely friendly and helpful. It was too bad that we did not have more time to enjoy your area.
I thank the people for their hospitality.
Ken and Gladys Lewis

Thank you very much!!!
Homepage: not entered   Email: KCLDMJN[AT]AOL.COM

320. teunie van rossum wrote at 30.08.2005 - 6:37pm
hallo Ramelton.
Last year we visited your lovely little town.We went to a festival and had the time of our life.This year we stayed in Holland,also nice,but we missed the nice musicevenings in Ireland.Iwant to thank Terry and Eileen Foster for the nice evening in their house.Unfortunetly I lost their e-mail adress.Maybe someone can help me to get it.Hope to visit Ramelton again.Teunie.

Hi Teunie,

nothing against Holland, but the next time you should be here again.
We see what we can do with the e-mail address.
Thanks again
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: teunietune

321. Hazel Browne (McCrea) wrote at 25.08.2005 - 10:57pm
Fantastic website and made me feel quite homesick! Hallo to all who know me.
Thanks Hazel.
You're welcome!
Homepage: not entered   Email: hazel.browne[AT]btopenworld.com

322. Philip Terry wrote at 20.08.2005 - 8:11pm
My wife and I have attended the Lennon Festival four times and we really enjoyed ourselves. I notice that my wife is actually in one of your photos at the reception. I know she will be surprised when I show her. Would you be interested in some photos of the festival previous years?

I am happy to see that Ramelton has such a quality website so full of life; I feel that I am almost there. I spent a small bit of time with Eugene Norris, Thomas Harte, Kathleen Duffy, Bert and Anne Campbell and I enjoyed every minute of it. You have a wonderful community that epitomizes the famous "Irish Hospitality".

We actually met this years winning pub singer Sarah Terry last year in the Bridge Bar during the Singing Pub Contest. Being of the same name I introduced myself to Michael and he introduced me to his family.

I would like to thank the people of Ramelton for putting together a very fine festival and I hope to enjoy myself there in the years to come. And thank you George and Ina for the good work you are doing on this website. You are linked into my website indirectly but I am going to add a direct link so that I can tell my friends that instead of listening to me talk about the great time I had in Ramelton they can go to your site and see it for themselves.
Philip Terry

Hi Philip,
we are overwhelmed of this comment and want to thank you also in behalf of the Ramelton people.
To build a website and to make photos about this town isn’t too difficult because you are always inspired of your surroundings.
You feel the friendliness and helpfulness of this community every day which gives us the feeling to be a part of it and a first class quality of life.
We’ll try our best to continue this website and with compliments like yours the work is much easier.
Thanks again
George & Ina
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: pa2terry[AT]yahoo.com

323. Graemer wrote at 05.08.2005 - 1:31pm
This website is fantstic, I love it! Am definitley going to visit Ramelton on my next holiday. Keep up the good work Rameltonians...
Don't forget it !!!
Thanks a million.
CU soon
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: graeme.mackin[AT]accenture.com

324. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 20.07.2005 - 2:42am
Hi George and Ina
Just noticed in the Festival photos that you were taking a photo of me while I was video taping you.
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

325. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 19.07.2005 - 10:56pm
Hi George and Ina
Hope we didn't cause too much trouble by taking over your B&B for the Festival week.
I'm sure the neighbours will be glad that we've gone.

My wifes family had a great time there with relatives coming to Ramelton from Scotland,England and Ireland,and of course Frances and I from Canada.

It was the 70th birthday "SURPRISE"? bash for Eugene Norry,my wifes brother in law.We stayed with her sister Jean,at Bridgend.
It was great meeting you both in person,you are a very nice couple,I'm sure that anyone who books your B&B will agree to that.

The Festival was as usual a great success,my wife Frances was very pleased to be able to ride in one of Eddie Ferrys'antique cars in the parade.
Continued good luck to you both.
All the best,
Frank & Frances McGonigal
Hi Frank & Francis,
good to read that you enjoyed the festival as we did.
Eugene’s birthday was really a big surprise. Nearly everybody in the town knew about it.
We also would like to give back the compliments. It was a pleasure to meet you in person.
All the best
George & Ina

Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

326. Kelly Madden wrote at 18.07.2005 - 9:11pm
I'd Just like to say a big HI to everyone in Ramelton especially Breffni Dunworth and Cillin Boyce and I'll see every one next year when I come over for the festival!!!!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: kellz04[AT]hotmail.com

327. anna boyce wrote at 16.07.2005 - 1:18pm
Good luck to everyone in Ramelton and see yous all next year
Hi Anna,
you'll never walk alone!
There are plenty of "Boyce" in the town.
See you then
George & Ina
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328. sheila Gardner wrote at 09.07.2005 - 10:52pm
visited my daughter Trudy, nurse at Letterkenny Hospice fell in love with Ramelton and surounding countryside and the Irish people who were so kind and helpfull. will be back for sure it is the most peaceful place on this earth. Thankyou one and all.From Sheila Gardner
Homepage: not entered   Email: sheilagardner8 'msn.com

329. walter wrote at 30.06.2005 - 11:33am
Hallo Ihr.

bin so zufällig über eure Seite gestolpert. *grats* Ich war noch nie in Irland und möchte das aber ändern. Jetzt mal zu meiner Frage: Kann man in Ramelton (oder Umgebung) auch Arbeiten und so ca. ein halbes Jahr leben? Ich bin in der Tourismusbranche tätig und vielseitig einsetzbar. :)

ich dachte ich schreib das einfach mal hier rein. vielleicht kann man sich ja weiters übers e-mail austauschen...

viele liebe grüße

Hi Walter,
vielen Dank.
Man muss ja nicht gleich mit Arbeit in Irland anfangen, sondern mit Urlaub und dafuer ist Donegal und speziell Ramelton ideal. Versuch es mal!
Viele Gruesse nach Austria
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: webner[AT]gmx.at

330. Ruth Corry wrote at 14.06.2005 - 5:46pm
Hello, my name is Ruth Corry and Ena Corry (whose B&B it was you stayed in in Ramelton) is my grandmother! I do not live in Ireland and never have, but my dad (Bryan Corry)did. We visit about once a year though. Dad says he has lots of information about Ramelton and his grandfather, who was in the war if you are interested.
Homepage: not entered   Email: xruthx_corry[AT]hotmail.com

331. Ruth wrote at 11.06.2005 - 5:28pm
I'm coming to ramelton in late july to early august, and i was wondering if you had any activities for your younger visiters.

thanks very much!
Hi Ruth,
come here and find out. There is always something to do for everybody.
George and Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

332. Karen Gallagher wrote at 10.06.2005 - 10:41pm
I am coming to Ramelton in September 05 and found your lovely website. It is so full of information. I want to stay in Ramelton for at least a week or so. Is there a geneology centre in Ramelton? I am planning to do some geneological research as my father's family emigrated from Donegal during the famine. Are there any Gallagher's in Ramelton? What is the weather generally like the first three weeks of September? Also,

Karen Gallagher
Victoria, BC, Canada

Hi Karen,
thanks again for the compliments.
You hopefully found all answers in our last email.
Weather in September?
It's always lovely -between the showers- but it won't snow!!!
See you then
George & Ina

Homepage: not entered   Email: kagallagher[AT]shaw.ca

333. Ethel Dougherty wrote at 04.06.2005 - 4:59pm
I just looked at your pictures and they are just wonderful. I have made six trips to Ireland and at my age won't make another, but Ireland is a very beautiful country. My ancesters named Knight came from there.
Thank you very much!
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

334. Cynthia Corry Bergel wrote at 31.05.2005 - 5:04am
It wa a true joy to visit Ramelton last week (5/05)! Ramelton is where several generations of my family lived for many years and had a thriving General Store. It was my first, but not last, visit! The town was so charming and beautiful. The people were so nice. I briefly met Ena Corry, a distant relative, who owns the Crammond House B&B. She couldn't have been any nicer! I also met Mr. Gamble at his shop and he was so kind to give me some historical photos of my family's business from the 1800's. I hope to visit again soon and will stay much longer the next time.

Also, if anyone has any other historical photos or information of any of the Corry's, I would appreciate it if you would email me. Thanks!
Homepage: not entered   Email: cynthiabergel[AT]hotmail.com

335. SHEILA GARDNER wrote at 22.05.2005 - 10:42pm
due to come over to visit my daughter at Ramelton. due to family sickness had to postpone hope to be there July 2005 my dayghter Trudy is a nurse working in hospice at Letterkenny. Am so proud of her. She adors your country as i do from sheila gardner
Homepage: not entered   Email: sheilabrown8[AT]msn.com

336. Sophia McFadden wrote at 12.05.2005 - 3:00pm

Further to my previous email about
my grandmother Sophia McKendrick born in 1886 in the Ramelton area Her father was William McKendrick and her mother was Winifred (Eunice)Dunleavy. Sophia Worked as a young woman in a Pub in Ramelton at that time Called Sweeney's; she left Ramelton for Scotland and got married to my Grandfather Edward Gaffney from Cavan.

Winifred had a sister Mary who married William Doherty in Ramelton in 1908.

If anyone has any information on these families from Ramelton, Please email

Thank You.

Sophia McFadden
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Homepage: not entered   Email: sophia.mcfadden[AT]sympatico.ca

337. laura wrote at 08.05.2005 - 8:46pm
hi i wrote in here a while ago but i wanna write in again!
hi everybody ramelton is such a lovely place!
i 'm comin in the summer
Hi, we answered here a while ago but we wanna write it again!
See you then
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338. Doris wrote at 08.05.2005 - 8:16pm
My family and I visited Ramelton in July of 2000. What wonderful memories we have! I have to admit I never visited anywhere before where I felt as welcomed and at peace. Everyone was so friendly. We are visiting Ireland again this July 2005, but are going to the town of Clifden. Would truly love to take the ride to visit Ramelton again but I don't think the time will allow it. Have fun at this years Lennon festival...We did when we were there! Your website looks GREAT!
Doris Dougherty, Philadelphia, PA
Hi Doris,
thanks for your nice description of the people of Ramelton. You are absolutely right!
To visit Clifden and Connemara is great, but it is greater if you can go back to Ramelton.
Unfortunately you would need 4 hours on these excellent Irish roads.
Enjoy it but come back!
Thanks again
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: dodougher[AT]yahoo.com

339. Tina Bryant wrote at 03.05.2005 - 6:13am
Hi Geroge & Ina
If you Bump into any of the Bryants (Ballylinn) Mum,Dad,Paul & Liz Christopher & Linda send them my love.....and wish Linda a Happy 40th for me....thanks so much LOVE your Site!!
Tina Bryant, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Hi Tina,
many thanks for your guestbook entry and the compliments about the website.
Our postman was asking us if we are now delivering letters to other houses as well.
Therefore we let him deliver your (and our) wishes to Linda and the Rest because he has more experience.

Regards from rainy Ramelton
to all in Canada
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: kbryant[AT]primus.ca

340. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 04.04.2005 - 9:28pm
If everything goes as planned,my wife Frances and I will be in Ramelton for the Lennon Festival in July.
Looking forward to meeting Frances sisters Jean Norry and Georgina,cousins Ian and Norman McGarvey,and all the other relatives and the wonderful people of Ramelton again.
Frank and Frances McGonigal Ont.Canada.
Hi Frank & Francis,

we are looking forward to see you then!

Regards to Canada

George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

341. laura wrote at 03.04.2005 - 2:38pm
hi i miss ireland so much iam coming in the summer though 4 a holiday
Hi Laura,

please do so!
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342. Nicola wrote at 28.03.2005 - 8:01pm
Just found your site on the search to find out more about the place a good friend lives I do miss a lot, now beeing back in germany.
very nice site and really heartbreaking!
Hope to be back soon! Hello to J. O´Connor in case he´ll find his way to this site as well.
Thanks Nicola,
we'll see what we can do!

Regards to Germany
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: gwynnia[AT]web.de

343. Robert Reid wrote at 13.03.2005 - 4:28am
Ramelton is beautiful! I was referred to this site by Frank McGonigal for I was in search of some leads on my Irish Ancestry. I am a descendant of a WIlliam McGarvey and Nancy(Anna) Coyle born about 1850 in Ramelton. They had several children (Frances, Nora, Sophia, Patrick, Annie, William, Bridget) born between 1871 and 1885 in Ramelton. Except for Frances and Patrick all emigrated to the US. Sophia McGarvey is my great grandmother who came here as a domestic working in Brooklyn, NY. She married a man named Henry Formont in NY. I understand that there are a few McGarveys in Ramelton but if any can help me in my ancestral quest I would be appreciative. I hope to visit Ramelton in the upcoming years as it looks and sounds wonderful.
Homepage: not entered   Email: robertreid4745[AT]earthlink.net

344. Susan Willis wrote at 09.03.2005 - 4:34pm
Hello to all the people I met in Ramelton. What I wonderful two weeks we spent in May 04, staying in Ramelton whilst attending a family wedding. Fell in love with Donegal, what lovely people, countryside, villages, towns etc. Hope to visit again soon. Bye for now Susan
Hi Susan,
That’s exact why we are here since more than 3 years.
If you come back, we’ll still there!
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: WillS894[AT]aol.com

345. Emma Wardle wrote at 08.03.2005 - 9:57pm
Just remembering one of the most fantastick hollidays. wish Iwas there now enjoying the lovely peace and tranquilty and slow pace of life, everyone was so nice love to come back soon xxx
Hi Emma,
Please do so!
See you then, George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: wardga9[AT]aol.com

346. David Markey wrote at 28.02.2005 - 11:31am
Hi! Again from Australia, mum and I are looking forward to coming to Remelton in eight weeks time. My uncle is also visiting there in the next couple of weeks, he is also looking up the family tree.Hope to see you all very soon . The Markey's
Homepage: not entered   Email: davidruthmarkey[AT]ozemail.com.au

347. sheila gardner wrote at 26.02.2005 - 9:22pm
we enjoyed our trip around RAMELTONmaybe we will get their one day
Homepage: not entered   Email: sheilabrown8[AT]msn.com

348. Allison McGarvey wrote at 25.02.2005 - 11:32am
Hi there,
Lovely website, enjoyed the photographs.
Hi Ali,
thanks for the compliments.
We learned that there are a lot of McGarveys around us.
Whenever you plan a reunion, it should only take place in Ramelton.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: alliem[AT]reflexblue.co.uk

349. Franny McLaughlin wrote at 24.02.2005 - 2:30pm
Hi George + Ina. Just been reading the guestbook and brings back happy memories. Spent a few months living there in 1982 and wish I was still there. My granda Pat McGarvey is buried in Killidonnel. Still searching for more info on family
Hi Franny,
it’s amazing to have so many lovely entries in the (new) guestbook after only 8 month. Thank you very much for yours as well.
But now it’s time to visit the town again.
Believe us, there are some changes since 1982 and it’s always worth a visit.
See you then
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: framac[AT]ntlworld.com

350. Pegi Males Nelson wrote at 07.02.2005 - 5:26pm
We are very much looking forward to spending several days in Ramelton when we visit in Oct. this year.
Your website is beautiful and has been a great help in planning our visit. thank-you
Hi Pegi,
thank you very much for your nice entry in our guestbook.
We always appreciate that and are glad to help.
George & Ina

Homepage: not entered   Email: pegisist2[AT]earthlink.net

351. Joe English wrote at 30.01.2005 - 12:21am
Thanks George and Ina for a great website and for you assistance regarding accommodation. I am looking forward to going back to Ramelton for the wedding. Beautiful part of the world.
Homepage: not entered   Email: jenglish[AT]stfx.ca

352. David Markey wrote at 25.01.2005 - 10:04am
Hi! also, I am coming over to Ramelton with my mother ,Patricia Markey ,looking at our family tree and to see the sites of Ireland. Looking forward to meeting the locals and hoping to find some distant realation in Ramelton.We will be landing in Ireland on the 4th of may.We are both from Australia and are looking forward to see where our great grandparents came from and the town they loved.See you all soon , we will be the ones in the Old Meeting House in back lane as our great grand parents lived in back lane also.
All the MARKEY'S are very welcome in Ramelton.
Enjoy your time and of course you should meet all the friendly locals
See you both in May
Homepage: not entered   Email: davidruthmarkey[AT]ozemail.com.au

353. patricia markey wrote at 22.01.2005 - 8:50am
hi coming over in may to see where my great grandparents lived in the 1859 era william sweeney and martha gallagher were married 20/1/1859 then came to australia with the dongel relief fund
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354. Frank McGONIGAL wrote at 17.01.2005 - 12:07am
I went to a German to English translation web site and this is the result for the previous message.
Quite amusing ! but I understood it's content.
Ch hopes that Ramelton had a good landslide into the new year. The sides please me always better. Did my memories so blur or becomes Ramelton always more prettily? Does it or lie at the pretty sites here? Best GREETINGS of the remainder out of Berlin in Blankenburg
But the translator are always good for a laugh
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

355. Stichelkönig wrote at 15.01.2005 - 11:20pm
Ich hoffe, dass Ramelton einen guten rutsch ins neue Jahr hatte. Die Seiten gefallen mir immer besser. Sind meine erinnerungen so verschwommen oder wird Ramelton immer schöner? Oder liegt es an der schönen Site hier? Beste GRüße vom Rest aus Berlin bei Blankenburg
Komm doch endlich her und ueberzeug Dich selbst...
Diese Seiten sind auch fuer solche die es seit 10 Jahren nicht geschafft haben wieder zu kommen - aber, es wird auch immer schoener...
Ach ja, was macht eigentlich die Stichelkoenig-Website?
Homepage: not entered   Email: Stichelkoenig[AT]online.de

356. Sam wrote at 10.01.2005 - 4:43pm

I'm an amateur photographer from Down. I've visited Rathmelton several times with my cameras, usually quite early in the morning. I'm hoping to get time for a longer visit later in the year.

There are few towns in Ireland (and I've been in or passed through most) that have the charm and character of Rathmelton. I've a page on my site that has a few images of the town.

I'm glad to see this site and I hope it helps to generate some interest and income. Good luck for the future!

Many thanks, Sam
whenever we see a strange person in the town taking lots of photographs we will know who it will be!

Homepage: Available, please click   Email: theimageplane[AT]uk2.net

357. Kellz wrote at 06.01.2005 - 11:12am
luv the site
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358. Beverly Babcock wrote at 29.12.2004 - 9:56pm
Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I am researching Ramelton as my ancestors came from your town. I am in the process of writing their story and your website has been a great help so I wanted to say thanks. Wishing you a Happy New Year.
Yours Truly,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Homepage: not entered   Email: boodle19[AT]comcast.net

359. ron mcgarvey wrote at 24.12.2004 - 3:12am
Merry Christmas to all in ramelton,and everywhere else, happy new year!
Same to you
Enjoy the New Year's Celebrations...
George & Ina

Homepage: not entered   Email: jemcgarvey[AT]hotmail.com

360. clare wrote at 12.12.2004 - 7:40pm
I just have to say how lovely it is to view this page. I have family from Drim, Donegal. I came over from England to visit in May 2004. We stayed in Dunfanaghy, and only spent a small amount of time in Ramelton, but I fell in love with it!! Hopefully Ill be visiting again next year.
Hi Clare,
Ramelton always awaits you and hopefully you come over in 2005!
Happy New Year
All the Best! George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: littleclare86[AT]hotmail.com

361. kathrin jakob wrote at 26.11.2004 - 8:44am
hello wie gehts
Danke gut, und wie geht's Dir?
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362. ronald mcgarvey wrote at 24.11.2004 - 3:18am
hi george and ina,i'm back on your site again. i recently came across the "index to the tithe applotment book for ramelton, 1830. my understanding is that this is some sort of listing of Church of Ireland members. anyway, my areaof interest is William Mcgarvey b. 1814 donegal. there are 2 william mcgarvey's listed in the ramelton index. i'm wondering if anybody out there has any ideas or hints as to my next step. i've also found one william mcgarvey in the 1830 tullaghobegly tithe applotment listing, that particular william is listed as coming from knockastolla. i enjoy reading and researching county donegal, i'm really anxious to visit there next year. thanks again.
Hi Ronald,
many thanks for your guestbook entry.
Since last year, we got a lot of guestbook entries and emails for tracing ancestors in or around Ramelton. Unfortunately, we are not able to help, but hopefully there are other visitors of this site who could do that.
Therefore, we used the opportunity to provide and manage a new RAMELTON-FORUM.
This place might give everybody the chance to query, to answer or even to greet somebody.
We honestly hope to help our visitors and appreciate any suggestions.
Good luck!!! George & Ina

Homepage: not entered   Email: jemcgarvey[AT]hotmail.com

363. MUGU wrote at 20.11.2004 - 10:51am
i love your site and i don land here............................................................................................................
T H A N K S George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: mugu[AT]yahoo.com

364. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 16.11.2004 - 11:14pm
The 1901 and 1911 census of Ramelton may provide some info on siblings,place of birth etc.
There was a Winnie Dunleavy born in Sligo in 1866,just about the right time frame.

Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada

Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

365. Sophia McFadden wrote at 16.11.2004 - 2:08am
My grandmother Sophia McKendrick was born in 1886 in the Ramelton area Her father was William McKendrick and her mother was Winifred Dunleavy. Sophia Worked as a young woman in a Pub in Ramelton at that time Called Sweeney's; she left Ramelton for Scotland and got married to my Grandfather Edward Gaffney from Cavan.

If anyone has any information on these families from Ramelton, Please email

Thank You.
Homepage: not entered   Email: sophia.mcfadden[AT]sympatico.ca

366. Liz Kelly wrote at 13.11.2004 - 5:04am
Hi, hope to visit someday, my great grandfather Patrick Kelly was born in ramelton wonder if there are still any Kelly's living there, enjoyed all information on this site.
Thanks Liz.
Homepage: not entered   Email: liz.kelly[AT]ihug.co.nz

367. jay wrote at 02.11.2004 - 3:12pm
happy birthday jörg hoffe euch geht es gut und ihr habt euren spass heute.
bis bald in berlin
Hi JJ,
schoene Ueberraschung und vielen Dank fuer die Geburtstagsgruesse.
Richtig, wir hatten unseren Spass und haben uns ein Paar Guinness in der Bridge Bar gegoennt. Um so anstrengender war das Arbeiten am Mittwoch!
Mach's gut
C U soon
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: johannes_pauli[AT]hotmail.com

368. ronald mcgarvey wrote at 26.10.2004 - 2:03am
thanks for the reply, frank. I'll be visiting donegal next spring, i'm anxious to see the land and the people of northwest ireland.
Hi Ronald,
isn't it great how the visitors of the website help each other?
See you in spring 2005.
Regards George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: jemcgarvey[AT]hotmail.com

369. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 25.10.2004 - 11:25pm
Hi Ronald
Maybe you're related to my wifes McGarveys,she was born in Ramelton and there are still McGarvey cousins and a sister who retired there.
There were McGarvey relatives who went to USA,some to Pennsylvania.
Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada
Hi Frank,
thanks again for your help. We hope everything goes well in Canada and wish you a very happy Halloween.
Take care George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

370. Ronald McGarvey wrote at 25.10.2004 - 12:54am
I'm planning a trip to donegal next year, can't wait, it looks like a beautiful area. i'm a 6th generation american of donegal roots.
Homepage: not entered   Email: jemcgarvey[AT]hotmail.com

371. Linda Taylor wrote at 25.10.2004 - 12:17am
Enjoyed my tour of Ramelton through your pages. It is always a pleasure to see more of Ireland. Thankyou.
Hi Linda,
you are always welcome!
George & Ina
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: rannia[AT]dodo.com.au

372. Steven Morrow wrote at 13.10.2004 - 1:53pm
Came over in September to see where my ancestors came from. Beautiful place and really nice people. Ardeen gusethouse was very good and I would reccomend it to anyone planning a vist.
Steven And Tracey Morrow
Hi Steven & Tracey,
thank you very much. We passed on the compliments to the Campbells.
Cheers George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: steven.traceymorrow[AT]gmail.com

373. Frank aus dem wrote at 11.10.2004 - 5:37am
colle ist eine neue Wortcreation des heutigen Tages zwischen "cool" und "tolle", ich aknn es leider nicht ins englische übersetzen.

Beste Grüße Frank -sorry - für die Platzverschwendung hier
Ist schon ok. Schlaf weiter!
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374. Frank aus dem guten alten Berlin wrote at 11.10.2004 - 5:34am
Hi, ihr da oben. Das ist ja eine colle Seite geworden. Donnerwetter. Mir gefallen die ausgewogenen Infos und Bilder sehr gut. Ich kann verstehen, dass die Leute Lust auf mehr Ramelton bekommen, von den "Familienzusammenführungen" mal ganz abgesehen....
Hi Frank,
vielen Dank für die Komplimente. Über die Familienzusammenführung müßen wir noch mal reden. Ansonsten viele Grüße in die alte Heimat.
Übrigens sind wir mehr "links" als "oben", aber ich weiß ja um Deine geographischen Schwierigkeiten.
Mach's gut und Grüße an den Rest
Jörgi und Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: stichelkönig[AT]online.de

375. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 09.10.2004 - 11:16pm
You'll find William Gallagher aged 63 in the 1881 Canadian census in New Brunswick with his wife Elizabeth 55 and family.
Could be the person that you're looking for.
More info if you need it.
Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada
PS to George and Ina,will Raymond be informed about my reply ?
Hi Frank,
what a nice triangle between Canada, Ireland and Florida!
thanks for your help in this matter. We sent the email including your email-address to Ray.
We hope everything goes well in Canada.
Hope to hear from you again.

Take care
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

376. Raymond Gallagher wrote at 07.10.2004 - 2:25am
Greetings from sunny Florida (at least until the next hurricane comes along...) Great website!!!

I have been searching for my G-G-G-Grandfather, William Gallagher who we believe immigrated to New Brunswick, Canada in the 1830's. Based on some old family writings, it appears that he may have been born in Rath Melton in 1819??? We hope to visit Ramelton next year to dig a bit further.

Hi Ray,
Greetings from sunny Ramelton, maybe not as warm as Florida but safer regarding the hurricanes.
We are looking forward to see you next year in the town.
As you probably have seen, you can book your accommodation through the website without any charge.
See you then
Take care
George & Ina

Homepage: not entered   Email: raykim83[AT]comcast.net

377. June Paterson wrote at 03.10.2004 - 11:52pm
Greetings from Auckland New Zealand.

Love your website, my husband and I hope to visit one day as my grandfather John Kyle, was born and raised there.

Best regards, June
Hi June,
Please do so and you will not regret.
Regards back to Auckland New Zealand from the hometown of your grandpa.
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: junepaterson[AT]kol.co.nz

378. Jacqui wrote at 03.10.2004 - 1:49pm
Great site, the photos brought back lots of memories of when we used to visit my aunt and uncle (Charlie & Anne Noble)in Ramelton when I was a teenager in the 70's.
Hi Jacqui,
many thanks for your entry in the Ramelton guestbook.
As you can see below you are not the first member of the Noble family and it is good to know that the photos bring you back to the 70's. Ramelton is still growing but has kept its own character.
Come here and find out! George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: jacquig31[AT]yahoo.co.uk

379. laughingbear wrote at 25.09.2004 - 11:21am
Nuff rant=enough rant= genug gelaber
Schrieb do mal ne kurze message an meine email, dann koennen wir uns ausserhalb des Gaestebuchs mal austauschen....
Haben wir 2x versucht. Ist was mit deiner E-mail Adresse?
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380. laughingbear wrote at 24.09.2004 - 4:02am
Na datt iss ja 'n Ding. Da stoplere ich doch glatt ueber ne zweisprachige Ausgabe auf der Suche nach Reports ueber Glenveagh.... Sehr schoene site, congrats!

Kurzform: Koelner, Musiker, lebe seit 5 Jahren in Ireland, ueber Umwege aus den USA hier "gestrandet", meint Freundin kennengelernt....haengengeblieben.....

Meine ersten paar Jahre hier in Greystones (county Wicklow) verbracht und in dewr bekloppten Computerindustrie, seit 3 Wochen nun ENDLICH nach Donegal umgezogen, Huette gemietet, Haus gekauft, hoffentlich dann im November letztes mal umziehen.... STOEHN ....

Totally in love with Donegal.... people, landscapes, just stunning....

Seit Ihr ofter in der Bridge Bar? Waer ja nett sich mal kennenzulernen....

Nuff rant.... sorry for all that german blah blah, you didn't miss anything, promise! Just nice to speak mothertounge once in a while....

Hi Georg & Karen,
This was a very good Entscheidung and we are looking forward Euch hier in Ramelton to meeten.
By the way is there any translation for "NUFF RANT"?
Take care
auf ein baldiges gemeinsames Pint
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: laughingbear[AT]gmx.de

381. Mary Pratico wrote at 24.09.2004 - 2:15am
Just returned from another great trip to Donegal despite the weather!! It is always great to see the family in Glenties. Had a great time at the Harvest Fair!! Hello to all
George and Ina you do a great job on the web page!!
Hi again,
isn't it funny that you were earlier in Glenties than we?
The last time we were there the weather was too bad to make some pictures but we never give up.
Regards to New Jersey - George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: mp08210[AT]yahoo.com

382. Ken Carr wrote at 20.09.2004 - 3:21am
Very nice site. I'm researching my family (Solomon & Jane Carr) who came to Canada around 1850 - 1860.
Ken Carr - Ont Canada
Hi Ken,
we are proud and happy about another guestbook entry from Canada. Good luck for your search
Regards to Ontario - George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: scarr65[AT]cogeco.ca

383. Bob Manuel wrote at 17.09.2004 - 5:25am
I'm researching my family (Lamb & Ryan) and will hopefully be visiting Donegal in the near future.
Hi Bob, Donegal is looking forward to see you...and good luck for your search
Regards George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: rmanuel917[AT]aol.com

384. Isabelle Anderson wrote at 10.09.2004 - 11:42pm
The pictures are so beautiful.We visited many of those locations in 1998 and stayed at a B&B.Keep up the good work
Hi Isabelle,
good to know that you still have memories of Donegal after so many years.
We will try to continue our work as we did and hopefully make more good photos.
Regards George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: iande63782[AT]AOL.com

385. Richard Lyman wrote at 10.09.2004 - 4:06am
Looking for information on the following Ramelton families: Hunter, Nesbitt, Gillespie, White, Crosby and Spratt - so far. All connected 1900s and prior. Thank you - Richard
Homepage: not entered   Email: rlyman3529[AT]aol.com

386. Mary Pratico wrote at 15.08.2004 - 10:28pm
Great web site.. I grew up in Glenties and now reside in New Jersey and it is great to get all the news about Donegal from every town and I don't know how I ever survived without Highland Radio!! Keep up the good work! Slan

Hi Mary,
ramelton.net goes around the world. Very interesting where all the Donegal people live.
So Highland Radio does the one job, we do the other.
When we are back in the Glenties area we'll make some photos to show you (and others) how it's going on there.
That's it what makes us different to Highland Radio
Take care
George & Ina

Homepage: not entered   Email: mp08210[AT]yahoo.com

387. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 05.08.2004 - 3:52am
Hi There
I see that you've given both Lennon Festivals a separate spot on the menu,great idea.I wanted to see them both again.
I keep coming back to see if there are any new messages in the guestbook and look at the photos again.
Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada
Hi Frank,
nice to hear from you again.
Good to have an interested visitor who realise the changes.
If there are more suggestions or wishes, please let us know.
Regards to Canada
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

388. paula wrote at 15.07.2004 - 12:29pm
hi from spain again, so glad to read that jean norry's sister visited her and her husband eugene in 2001 coming from canada. nice to knok they are doing well, my best wishes to them and you for keeping this web that brings such a nice memories for a lot of people. god bless you.
Buenas tardes,
nice to read from you again and thank you very much for your wishes and compliments.
It gives us the motivation to go on with all that work.
Last Saturday we met Eugene & Jean in the town and gave them prints of the guestbook entries from Canada and from you.
What a nice surprise!
Hope to hear from you again. Take care.
Regards to Spain
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: paucarballo[AT]yahoo.es

389. FRANK McGONIGAL wrote at 14.07.2004 - 11:52pm
My wife Frances McGarvey was born in Ramelton in 1934.
We've been there twice to visit her sister Jean,who has retired there with her husband Eugene,who was also born there.
They live at Bridgend.
Ian and Norman McGarvey are her cousins who also still live there.
Thanks for the great photos,it's just as we remember it.I was really pleasantly surprised to see the Festival photos.
Too bad about the Salmon Inn,we had a great McGarvey reunion there in 1996.
We were trying to get back this year,but circumstances prevented us.
Next year for sure.
Thanks for a GREAT web site on the town,brings back happy memories.
The quality is excellent and so easily navigable.
I see Eddy Ferry still has his Antique cars at the Festival !
He took us with him to an Antique car Rally in 2001.That was an unexpected bonus to our holiday.

Frank & Frances McGonigal Ont.Canada
Hello Frank & Francis,
We met Eugene & Jean last Saturday and gave them a print of your guest book entry.
They were very astonished and delighted to read from you.
Since last week we have photos of the recent Festival on our site.
Please find out if you recognize some faces.
Unfortunately we haven't a photo of Eddy and his cars but he was still on the road again as every year.
Enjoy the pictures and maybe we will see us next year.
Regards to Ontario
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: frank017[AT]sympatico.ca

390. Thomas & Ute wrote at 30.06.2004 - 1:17am
Hallo Ihr beiden,
Ihr habt nicht zu viel versprochen mit Eurer Seite, leider haben wir sie uns erst jetzt angesehen. Viele Tips die wir auch gut verwenden können.
Bis zum naechsten mal in der Bridge Bar und schöne Grüße aus Letterkenny
Na, das ist ja eine nette Überraschung. Vielen Dank und natürlich auf ein Wiedersehen in der Bridge Bar. Liebe Grüße nach Letterkenny
George & Ina
Homepage: not entered   Email: not entered

391. Thomas Keane wrote at 26.06.2004 - 4:19pm
Hello from Toronto,
I enjoy your photos of Ramelton and surrounding area. It would be great to see some photos of the people of Ramelton!

Hi Thomas,
nice to read that you enjoyed the pictures.
As you maybe know, the annual Lennon Festival starts next week.
We will be there and make some photos especially of the people of Ramelton
or wherever they are from.
Regards to Toronto George & Ina
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392. M & M & M wrote at 06.06.2004 - 10:05pm
Hallo Ihr Lieben da zuhause,
nun sind wir schon wieder 2 lange Wochen hier...viel,viel laenger als die 4 (viel zu kurzen) Wochen in Donegal ...
Es ist so schön Euch kennengelernt zu haben...zuerst über Eure wundervollen Seiten, dann per Mail und dann endlich Auge in Auge in der Bridge Bar. Und allmaehlich beim Erzaehlen, beim Guinness, beim Baileys Coffee (und bei der Club Orange) kam immer mehr das Gefuehl der Gemeinsamkeit, der gleichen Wellenlaenge, das man vorher schon in den Mails gemerkt hat ... Es ist einfach schön neue Freunde (und dieses Wort vergeben wir nicht leichtfertig) gefunden zu haben ...
Donegal muss man erlebt haben, Eure Ausflugstipps sind Gold wert...aber man kann gar nicht alles erleben , .. .auch nicht in 4 Wochen ...
Ramelton selber ist ein kleines niedliches Städtchen, mit vielen kleinen verborgenen, geheimnisvollen Ecken. Idealer Ausgangspunkt für viele wundervolle Erlebnistrips (siehe Trips, Ausflüge und Wandern unter www.Hermesse.de). Wer die Einsamkeit und farbenprächtige Natur sucht, ist im weiten Umland des Lough Swilly genau richtig. Aber auch wer gern Gesellschaft mag, genießt einfach ein paar Minuten (oder auch ausgedehnt, gesprächsreiche Stunden in der schwindenden Abendsonne ;-) auf der Bank vor der Bridge Bar. Hier trifft man Alles und Jeden und wenn man möchte kommt man dort mit den Locals schnell in Kontakt. Zu den fasznierenden Stränden und Klippen der Küste Donegals ist es auch nicht weit.
Oh, wir könnten noch ewig weiter schreiben ... aber für heute mal Schluss. Wir sehen uns dann Ende des Jahres und irgendwie fangen wir schon wieder an die Tage zu zählen bis wir Heimatluft atmen.
Seid lieb gedrückt von den 3 M’s aus Stuttgart
D A N K E --- D A N K E --- T H A N K S - A - M I L L I O N

Auf irischem Boden wächst wirlich alles, auch richtige Freundschaften...
Wir freuen uns schon auf unser Wiedersehen, haltet durch
Liebe Grüße nach old Germany von ZUHAUSE
Jörgi, Ina, Benny und Maxi
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: martin_peter[AT]web.de

393. george wrote at 06.06.2004 - 12:03pm
die schweizer kommen euch irgendwann im ende july/anfangs august besuchen.:)
haltet euch bereit;)
Hi George,
nur keine Drohungen!
Wir haben hier schon ganz andere überlebt,
freuen uns aber natürlich Euch hier im Städtchen begrüßen zu können.
We keep in touch! Bis bald George & Ina
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: george[AT]cd-tipp.ch

394. Paddy wrote at 05.06.2004 - 9:33pm
Hab die Seite durch Zufall im Net gefunden, bin mal Anfang 1982 durch Ramelton gereist, sonst nie weiter als Bundoran gekommen, aber jetzt habe ich mehr Zeit und werde den Norden von Irland gern besuchen.
All the best
Hi Paddy, herzlichen Dank für Deinen Eintrag. Na denn mal los, der Norden wartet und Ramelton natürlich auch. All the best for you too, melde Dich wenn es soweit ist... George & Ina
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: paddy.galway[AT]t-online.de

395. +Bishop Aaron R. Orr wrote at 03.06.2004 - 4:22pm
Thank you very much
Your pictures took me back to my childhood in Ramelton area.
Thanks for your entry. You know, to live in this area makes it very easy to take pictures like ours. We are permanently looking for new objects, so you will probably find new photos after 4-6 weeks. George & Ina

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396. Alice & Paul wrote at 02.06.2004 - 9:39pm
What a great site, what a lovely town, we will come back!
We hope you had a great time, see you next year again...George & Ina
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